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4 Ways to Spend More Time With God

Apr 12, 2023
What does surviving a zombie apocalypse have to do with growing in your faith? Hint: they're both easier with the rig...

Faith, Family, and Friends: A Special Group for Special People

Aug 28, 2022
Read more about a special group at Chase Oaks where very special people can come as they are.

Into the Light: Jialin's Story

Aug 13, 2022
Read how an international student met God and moved from darkness to light during her graduate school years.

How Can Christians Better Love the LGBT+ Community?

Jun 30, 2022
What does it look like for Christians and the church to love the LGBTQ+ community the way Jesus does?

VBX 2022: A "Monumental" Week

Jun 21, 2022
What happens when you mix hundreds of kids, dozens of volunteers, countless hours of prayer and preparation, and a po...

Doubting God

Jun 05, 2022
How much uncertainty can we handle when it comes to our core beliefs? What do we do when we find ourselves doubting God?

MOMS Group Offers Care and Community

Jan 04, 2022
What does self-care for an overwhelmed caregiver to very young children look like? Read about four women who found li...

Communion: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

Nov 04, 2021
Communion is an act of remembrance and of celebration. Whether you grew up in church or are coming for the first time...

Backstage with the Chase Oaks Worship Team

Oct 15, 2021
Every week, the Chase Oaks Worship Team helps to lead others into a deeper experience of God through music. How do te...

The Value of "La Familia" at Chase Oaks En Español

Oct 04, 2021
Two staff members with Chase Oaks En Español share about “la familia” and other values which anchor Hispanic culture ...

Finding Connection in Groups at Chase Oaks

Aug 11, 2021
Like people, groups come in all shapes and sizes, each with a unique purpose. But each one is a gathering of friends ...

What Is the Good News of Jesus?

Mar 31, 2021
What's the best news you've ever received? At the core of Christianity is good news: a message of hope surrounding Go...

Your Life Is Not on Hold

Jan 05, 2021
Singleness has its challenges and joys. The keys to making the most of it (and any life stage)? Remember that God has...

Resurrection Eggs: An Easter Advent Activity

Mar 25, 2020
Oftentimes, when we think of advent, we think of Christmas. But Easter also has an advent season. Easter Advent is du...

Four Unique Opportunities for Your Group During COVID-19

Mar 19, 2020
Meeting in a group has never been the easiest thing to do. Let’s face it: we want good friends, but discovering and d...

Overcoming Student Debt

Feb 25, 2020
This accumulation of student debt in our society has crippled individuals financially but also socially! Thanks to st...

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