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Seeds of Faith: Amber's Story

Aug 27, 2023
Often, life's trials are what help to grow the seeds of faith. Read about one woman's spiritual journey alongside her...

Wanting the World To Know: Jamie's Baptism Story

Aug 10, 2023
Watch (and read) the inspiring story behind one woman's decision to get baptized.

Seven Common Questions About Baptism

Mar 08, 2022
Most of us have heard about baptism, but we don't always understand it. Here are answers to seven common questions ab...

Journey to Baptism: Rowena's Story

Oct 12, 2021
Our spiritual journeys aren't always short or straightforward. Read about one woman's road to faith and her decision ...

Celebrating Fall Baptisms: Stories of Life Change

Nov 03, 2020
This past fall, large groups of families gathered outdoors at four Chase Oaks campuses to celebrate baptisms and life...

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