Fall Groups Open Enrollment starts on August 26, 2022. If you would like for us to send you an email reminder or if you're interested in leading a group, follow links below.

We Love Groups!

Everyone has the desire to be connected and also feel like they are headed somewhere. We love groups because having a few friends on the journey of faith makes a big difference.

We launch groups at the start of each semester (fall and spring). Groups are places to form friendships and grow together by studying a topic or having a common goal. There are groups formed around stages of life, shared interests, or featured studies. Some groups meet at local campuses while others meet at restaurants, in homes, or online. Whatever sparks your interest, we would love for you to find a group to connect and grow with each semester.

Fall Groups Meet from September 11-December 11, 2022

Featured Topics


Each season we highlight a few studies we think you’ll find especially helpful. If you don’t know where to start or what kind of group is right for you, try looking into these first.

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Party People Stories

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Moises Gomez and Victoria Nguyen: Redefining Faith

When Moises and Victoria met as pen pals years ago, Moises’ authentic approach to faith inspired Victoria to rediscover hers. Three years and three Chase Oaks campuses later, this married couple is planted in a community they call home.

There’s a place for everyone at this party. Learn more of Moises and Victoria’s faith journey and discover a group that’s right for you.

Catherine Banks: Pursuing Hospitality

Whether it’s on the job or through hosting no-pressure dinner parties, Catherine Banks pursues hospitality. She and her husband even factored hosting their Chase Oaks Group into their home-buying decision. That’s what we call being a Party Person.

Read more about Catherine’s passion for shared spaces and explore how you can join a party made just for you.