At Chase Oaks, we love kids! We've been working on some exciting updates to our children's ministry, and we are thrilled to share more about the changes coming up this fall.


We're adopting a new curriculum called ORANGE. Orange is a terrific resource that is designed for CONNECTION:

  • CONNECTING kids to Jesus through great messages and biblical content.
  • CONNECTING kids to other kids and adults with fun and interactive games, activities, and small group instructions.
  • CONNECTING kids to parents with targeted parent resources for each phase of life.


The name Kidzone has served us well for the past 20 years. To reflect our other updates, we think it's time to refresh our name and physical spaces. Starting in August, our kids ministry will officially change its name to KIDS AT CHASE OAKS, or KIDS CO. for short. You'll see this new name reflected in our signage, along with new graphics, paint, and colors around our campuses.


Interested in helping to invest in the next generation? We'd love for you to join us. No prior experience in kids ministry needed; our new Orange curriculum makes it easy for anyone to jump right in. If you are someone who loves God, loves kids, and loves making a difference, sign up to serve in KIDS CO. today!



Connect With Us in The Parent Cue App! It’s one of our favorite resources to help equip parents for every age and stage of the parenting journey. Follow these three simple steps: Download the app, create an account, and search for Chase Oaks Church!



Two big things are changing in August 2021:

  1. Our curriculum. We are adopting the Orange curriculum across all our Next Gen ministries. We have been using it in our Student Ministry (Grades 7-12) for a few years, and we really like the materials and resources it provides.
    Orange will not drastically change the way our ministry works, but kids will spend a little less time together as one large group. That change allows them to spend a little more time involved in small group discussion and activities than they did before.
  2. Our name and physical spaces. The name Kidzone has served us well for 20 years, and we think it’s a great time for an update. We’ve chosen the name KIDS AT CHASE OAKS (or KIDS CO. for short) for our K-Grade 6 ministry. You’ll see some new signs, paint, and graphics at our campuses very soon.

Our new curriculum is based on a strategy that combines the light of the church (“yellow”) with the love of the family (“red”) to create a greater influence on kids (“orange”). It aligns church and family efforts, in order to more effectively show the next generation Who God is.

Following a long year of online ministry and restricted gatherings, we are excited to welcome new and returning families back in person with both a new curriculum and newly refreshed physical spaces.

The Orange curriculum has worked well for our older students for the past few years. It’s undergone a ton of research and testing, and we’re now ready to adopt the entire curriculum across all age groups.

Our commitment to making sure our environments are welcoming, safe, and fun. We want KIDS CO. to be a place where kids (and parents) look forward to coming every week!

Yes. We all journey through phases with our children. Our greatest window of influence stretches from the time they are born until they grow up, graduate, and move on to whatever else God has in store for them. Orange has some great resources like the Parent Cue App for parents to make the most of the unique opportunities in each phase to influence their kids.

In addition to the Parent Cue App, we’ll also have some great, non-digital resources to use throughout the week.

The Parent Cue App is a digital resource created by Orange. It has great resources (including blogs and podcasts) to learn from others about parenting through each phase of life. You can download the free app through all major platforms. Once it’s installed, just create an account, customize it for your family, and search for Chase Oaks Church to get started!

KIDS CO. is for kids from birth through Grade 6. Our Student Ministry (known as LIFT, or Life+Together) is designed for Grades 7-12.

Join a volunteer team! Apart from the kids, the most important part of KIDS CO. is the leaders who are investing in those kids each week. We are looking to grow our teams as we approach the new school year. No prior ministry experience is necessary; our staff and new curriculum make it easy to jump right in and serve. If you are interested in having an impact on the next generation, you can start the process right here.