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Vision Weekend 2020 at Chase Oaks Church

Feb 20, 2020
Although we live in a time where our culture is more divided, discouraged, and distrustful than ever, we can come tog...

Singleness in the Church

Nov 21, 2019
In the church, we hear a lot about how to build a successful marriage and family. But singleness is a gift that can h...

Finding Support to Cope With Grief and Loss

Feb 01, 2019
After losing a loved one, it is difficult to process our grief. Some of us try to ignore it or deny it. But there are...

How to Find Freedom in Your Finances

Jan 31, 2018
Finances is a tricky area of life to navigate. It may seem we have it all together until the unexpected happens. Join...

Embracing the Other

Dec 06, 2017
Chase Oaks Church has a vision of being a church that embraces the other rather than turning away as we try to reach ...

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