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How Birds Can Teach Us To Pray

May 23, 2024
Let’s face it, prayer can be hard and frustrating. When our prayer lives feel stale or stuck, we can learn something ...

Five Things You Can Do For Lent This Year

Feb 11, 2024
What's the history of Lent? How is it observed? It's not just a way to pass time before Easter. It's a great opportun...

How to Have a Heart Filled With Thanks

Nov 22, 2022
As Thanksgiving draws near, we start thinking about what we are thankful for. But what does it mean to have a heart f...

5 Reflection Questions To End Each Day

Jul 10, 2022
How can we prioritize mental and emotional health more? One time-tested way: building a regular habit of self-reflect...

An Update from Anatoliy Prokopchuk of Ukraine

May 22, 2022
Long-time Chase Oaks missionary partner Anatoliy Prokopchuk provides a brief personal update after his escape from Uk...

Standing Together on Our Knees for Racial Equality and Justice

Jun 09, 2020
Standing Together on Our Knees was a powerful prayer gathering of our churches and leaders across Collin County to fi...

How to Find Peace in a Crazy World

May 24, 2020
It is hard to find peace in a crazy world. In times of crisis, the best way to find peace is to turn to our faith and...

How Does God Speak to Us

Jul 16, 2019
No matter how long you have been a Christ-follower, many of us often wonder, "How does God speak to us?" There are ma...

Five Ways To Deepen Your Relationship with God

Feb 21, 2019
We spend time connecting with others to build authentic relationships. We also need to spend time deepening our relat...

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