You were made to do good.

Every act of kindness—big and small—matters. There’s lots of work to be done, and we can each do our part. Let’s do some good together to help others around us flourish. Join us as we all get out together to love our community in a big way.

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The Local Good Center seeks to meet some of the most pressing needs in our community through education, advocacy, health and nutrition services, job placement, and more. Started as the Chase Oaks Family Center in 2014 by Chase Oaks Church, the Local Good Center was renamed and expanded in 2021 to meet the increasing demands of our growing community. Its vision is to create lasting good by providing access and empowerment for those in need. To find out more or serve, click below:


Do Good Stories

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How a $200 Challenge Turned into a Life-Changing Gift

The challenge: take $200, grow it, and use it to impact someone else. For Bola Kushimo, it sparked an idea that eventually became a life-changing gift.

How Shoes Taught Me About Gratitude

A volunteer shares some heartfelt reflections on lessons learned at the Local Good Center's "We've Got Your Back" school supply drive.

Respite Nights Make a Difference

The Local Good Center and Chase Oaks Foster Care/Adoption Team are helping to meet huge needs in our own backyard. Read how they are making a difference, here.

Making a Difference at Park Nursing Home

Wally and Martha Helton are leaders of the Park Nursing Home Team at Chase Oaks. They work hard with others to make a difference by caring for seniors.

Real Options Offers Real Hope

Two women share how Real Options, a Chase Oaks Local Partner, helped them to find real hope in unexpected circumstances.

Four "Party People" Making a Difference

Get inspired by four "Party People" who are doing good and making a difference, right where they are.

Here For Good: Faith and Fitness

Like many Chase Oakers, Jenny wanted to make a difference in her community but wasn't sure how. Inspired by the call to be Here For Good at Chase Oaks, she found a way to pursue a personal passion while achieving her goal.

Here For Good: Why Showing up for Others Still Matters

The pandemic has challenged us in every area of our lives. And it has reminded us why showing up for others still matters.

Love and Little Things: Rasor Elementary Partner Team Is Here For Good

Little things done with love can make a huge difference. See how one Partner Team is living out a passion to be Here For Good for the staff and students at a local elementary school.

Making a Difference With AIDS Services of Dallas

Chase Oaks is working with the AIDS Services of Dallas to make a difference to vulnerable and often-overlooked individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS.