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Meet Tracy Parlin, Director of the Local Good Pantry

Nov 15, 2023
Get to know Tracy Parlin, the Director of the new Local Good Pantry in Richardson.

Burt Moncrief: A Volunteer Who "Excels" at Serving Others

Apr 19, 2023
Burt Moncrief is a dedicated volunteer who has given his time and talents to serving others in the community. Read mo...

Local Good Center: 48 Hours as an Emergency Warming Station

Feb 15, 2023
An ice storm turned the Local Good Center into an emergency warming station for 2 days. The LGC Executive Director sh...

How a $200 Challenge Turned into a Life-Changing Gift

Feb 12, 2023
The challenge: take $200, grow it, and use it to impact someone else. For Bola Kushimo, it sparked an idea that event...

How Shoes Taught Me About Gratitude

Aug 25, 2022
A volunteer shares some heartfelt reflections on lessons learned at the Local Good Center's "We've Got Your Back" sch...

How To Survive a High School Lock-In

Aug 03, 2022
What happens when a grown adult is voluntarily locked inside a space with a group of high schoolers for a whole night...

On Assignment: Meet High Schooler Callie L.

Apr 27, 2022
High school student Callie L. proves that you can do good and make a real difference at any age. By completing a very...

Four "Party People" Making a Difference

Apr 19, 2022
Get inspired by four "Party People" who are doing good and making a difference, right where they are.

Meet Artist Marla Morrison Fucich

Mar 31, 2022
Meet artist Marla Morrison Fucich. Her life and work reflect a beautiful, ongoing exploration of art, faith, and the ...

Steps to Employment - A Local Good Center Success Story

Feb 17, 2022
Read about how Magy's participation in the Local Good Center's Job Readiness Program helped train, coach, and empower...

Making a Difference With AIDS Services of Dallas

Jan 14, 2022
Chase Oaks is working with the AIDS Services of Dallas to make a difference to vulnerable and often-overlooked indivi...

The Realities of Ministry

Nov 05, 2021
A Gen Zer reflects on the realities, both good and challenging, of her ministry to others.

Substance Recovery: Mike's Story

Sep 24, 2021
Mike shares his personal story of addiction, recovery, helping others, and the importance of community along the way.

Here For Good: Why Showing up for Others Still Matters

Sep 15, 2021
The pandemic has challenged us in every area of our lives. And it has reminded us why showing up for others still mat...

Trusted World: Helping People Who Help People

Mar 02, 2021
Trusted World is an organization which assists groups that help people in need. By providing resources to those who p...

Here For Good Through Winter Storms

Feb 24, 2021
Two epic winter storms have given leaders, volunteers, and local partners countless opportunities to serve the commun...

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