Reasons Why We Celebrate Father's Day

Jun 07, 2023
Every third Sunday in June, families gather together to celebrate their fathers. But surprisingly, Father’s Day began...

How To Love Our LGBTQ+ Family and Friends

Jun 02, 2023
No matter what our beliefs are about same-sex attraction and relationships, there are ways we can love our LGBTQ+ fam...

Keep Calm and Parent On: Raising a Prodigal

May 28, 2023
What do you do when your child's path doesn't follow the one you imagined? Find hope and perspective from a parent wh...

From a Graduate's Dad: Advice to Parents of New Graduates

May 21, 2023
Graduation marks the end of one stage and the start of another. Chase Oaks Woodbridge Campus Pastor (and grad dad) To...

Four Ways To Treat Mom on Mother’s Day

May 04, 2023
Mother’s Day is right around the corner! We've got four ways you can make the mom or mom-figure in your life feel spe...

Seven Ways To Improve the Way You Fight

Apr 24, 2023
Conflict is a part of relationships that most of us do not enjoy. But it can help us grow if we are willing to improv...

How I Forgave Myself After My Divorce

Mar 22, 2023
Divorce can often be painful and difficult. Read one woman's story about her journey toward healing and forgiveness a...

5 Fun Things Your Family Can Do To Welcome Spring (and Prep for Easter)

Mar 06, 2023
Got some extra time on your hands? From crafts and edibles to enjoying the outdoors, we've got 5 fun, family-friendly...

Five Things You Can Do For Lent This Year

Feb 22, 2023
What's the history of Lent? How is it observed? It's not just a way to pass time before Easter. It's a great opportun...

Creative Ways that Everyone Can Celebrate Love

Feb 13, 2023
Valentine’s Day: love it, hate it, skip it? Whatever your view, love is for everyone at any age or life stage. We’ve ...

2 Lessons I'm Learning About How To Survive Parenthood

Jan 22, 2023
Parenthood is hard work, but there's hope. Discover two real-life lessons from a parent who's learning how to not jus...

Christmas and the Courage of Mary

Dec 23, 2022
Christmas is often filled with traditions and nostalgia. But the real story of Mary and the first Christmas is one fi...

How Would Jesus Navigate Politics Today?

Nov 07, 2022
How would Jesus navigate the political issues we face today?

Why Aren't My Relationships Deeper?

Aug 30, 2022
No one yearns for shallow friendships. We were created for connection and community. So why aren't our relationships ...

Behind the Song: "All of My Heart"

Aug 10, 2022
Songwriter Chris Opie shares a glimpse behind the powerful moment that inspired the new Chase Oaks Worship single, "A...

How Can Christians Better Love the LGBT+ Community?

Jun 30, 2022
What does it look like for Christians and the church to love the LGBTQ+ community the way Jesus does?

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