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How To Navigate Cultural Changes Wisely

Dec 08, 2022
Cultural changes are nothing new, but the speed and scope of today's shifts are remarkable. As Christ followers, how ...

A Process for Making Wise Decisions

Jul 21, 2022
Great decision-making is a critical leadership skill. Chase Oaks Chief of Staff Jack Warren shares a simple, proven p...

How Leaders Can Develop Good Judgment

Jun 16, 2022
Leaders know that good decisions rely on good judgment. Chase Oaks Executive Pastor Jack Warren shares some practical...

Where Do We Take Our Cues?

Apr 29, 2021
In a culture filled with competing voices, how do we figure out what's best to think, say, and do? There isn't one ea...

Wisdom in Crisis From Dr. Henry Cloud

Mar 26, 2020
Here we are on March 26, 2020, and we are in the middle of a pandemic. The news, guidance, and restrictions seem to c...

Overcoming Fear When Making Decisions

Feb 04, 2018
Oftentimes, fear and anxiety begin to take over when we are faced with making decisions. But we can find freedom when...

How to Seek the Wisdom of God

Jan 28, 2018
With our culture having its own sense of "truth," it can be difficult to drown out the noise to seek God's wisdom whe...

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