Seeds of Faith: Amber's Story

Aug 27, 2023
Often, life's trials are what help to grow the seeds of faith. Read about one woman's spiritual journey alongside her...

Wanting the World To Know: Jamie's Baptism Story

Aug 10, 2023
Watch (and read) the inspiring story behind one woman's decision to get baptized.

How To Not Waste Your Weekend

Jul 23, 2023
What if the key to enjoying our weekend isn't doing more, but less? Learn how an ancient practice can help us to full...

God Is Close to the Brokenhearted

May 13, 2023
Chase Oaks Lead Pastor, Jeff Jones, shares some thoughts and perspective following the tragic May 6 shooting in Allen...

A Recipe for Personal Growth and Change

Apr 30, 2023
People may desire personal growth, but how exactly does it happen? Discover 7 key ingredients that make up a recipe f...

4 Ways to Spend More Time With God

Apr 12, 2023
What does surviving a zombie apocalypse have to do with growing in your faith? Hint: they're both easier with the rig...

Easter: From Darkness to Devotion

Apr 07, 2023
This Easter, let's take heart as we remember the journey of Jesus' early followers from hope, to darkness, to devotio...

3 Ways We Are Like Judas

Apr 05, 2023
Judas: real person, Jesus follower, betrayer. We are like him in three significant (and uncomfortable) ways, and his ...

Why Do We Celebrate Palm Sunday and Holy Week Before Easter?

Mar 31, 2023
As Easter approaches, Christian communities around the world prepare to celebrate Palm Sunday and Holy Week. What are...

10 Interesting Facts About Jesus That Might Surprise You

Mar 17, 2023
Jesus Christ is one of the most controversial figures in history. When you look at his life, there are some interesti...

Finding Your Thin Places

Feb 02, 2023
What does it mean to draw closer to God and look to Jesus in the midst of our hectic, day-to-day lives? We can start ...

Singled Out: Singleness After 30

Jan 24, 2023
Singleness after 30 can be challenging in a marriage-centric culture. Read one single woman's reflections on navigati...

Adventurous Faith: Choosing Risk over Safety

Dec 06, 2022
Faith isn't meant to be safe. God calls us to move beyond our comfort zone, into risky yet rewarding territory. Read ...

How Would Jesus Navigate Politics Today?

Nov 07, 2022
How would Jesus navigate the political issues we face today?

Faith, Work, and Calling: Julie's Story

Sep 12, 2022
What happens when you accept a challenge to integrate your professional life and gifting with your personal faith? On...

Into the Light: Jialin's Story

Aug 13, 2022
Read how an international student met God and moved from darkness to light during her graduate school years.

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