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12 Bible Verses for When You're Feeling Anxious

Jan 21, 2024
Feeling anxious? You're not alone. Be encouraged by these 12 Bible verses and the reassuring perspective they provide.

College 101: Key Tips To Survive Your First Year

Aug 11, 2023
The first year of college is exciting, but it can also be scary. Here are tips on surviving your first year and deali...

Surviving Anxiety and Depression

Oct 09, 2022
There is hope for anxiety and depression. Read one person's story of learning to see and hold onto hope while moving ...

Why Aren't My Relationships Deeper?

Aug 30, 2022
No one yearns for shallow friendships. We were created for connection and community. So why aren't our relationships ...

How To Cope with Anxiety

May 12, 2022
Anxiety affects millions of Americans every day. No matter why some of us face anxiety, there are ways we can cope wi...

Big Questions: Am I Good Enough?

Jan 05, 2022
"What's wrong with me? Why does everyone else have it together? I must not be good enough." Learn a valuable strategy...

My Journey with Anxiety and Depression

Nov 18, 2021
Mental health issues are increasingly common, but each person's experience with them is unique. Read about how one Ge...

Five Ways to Count Our Blessings

Nov 20, 2020
Sometimes, old advice can provide the fresh perspective that we need. Get ready for Thanksgiving week with five pract...

How to Handle Stress When Life Doesn’t Make Sense

May 06, 2020
Stress has no age limit and neither do big emotions. But it's important to know how to handle stress in these moments...

How to Tackle BOREDom

Mar 25, 2020
As we continue to tune in on any news source (e.g., social media, TV, and radio), we can get overly anxious, panicked...

How to Cope With Anxiety and Fear During the Pandemic

Mar 19, 2020
It’s hard to turn on the TV or scroll though social media without triggering anxiety or fear right now. The world is ...

The Truth About Teens and Anxiety

Jan 08, 2020
Anxiety and depression are on the rise among teens today. Factors such as fears, lack of connection, and rejection ca...

How to Let Go of Emotional Baggage

Feb 05, 2019
We all carry emotional baggage. But to reach our potential and to find happiness, we need to learn how to resolve our...

Overcoming Fear When Making Decisions

Feb 04, 2018
Oftentimes, fear and anxiety begin to take over when we are faced with making decisions. But we can find freedom when...

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