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3 Reasons Why We Should Celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Apr 26, 2024
Why and how do we celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month? It is a time to honor the lives and achievements o...

3 Ways To Keep Learning About Black History

Feb 25, 2024
Black History Month celebrates the heritage and achievements of black Americans, past and present. But why and how ca...

Remembering the Dream: Honoring MLK, Jr.

Feb 23, 2024
Several Chase Oakers share their reflections on the impact and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s iconic "I Hav...

Where To Celebrate Lunar New Year 2024 in DFW

Feb 05, 2024
Happy Lunar New Year 2024! We've listed just a few of the many places you can celebrate the Year of the Dragon in DFW.

Four Reasons Why We Should Celebrate Black History Month

Jan 30, 2024
Black History Month is a celebration of the lives and achievements of African Americans who have made a difference in...

Three Ways To Celebrate MLK Day in DFW in 2024

Jan 08, 2024
How can we celebrate MLK Day as a "day on, not a day off" right here in DFW? Look here for ideas and scheduled events...

5 Facts To Know About National Hispanic Heritage Month

Sep 15, 2023
It's National Hispanic History Month! Look here for five interesting facts to know about this popular celebration.

What Is Lunar New Year?

Jan 13, 2023
Red and gold decorations, unique foods, and ads for “The Year of the Rabbit” are popping up everywhere. What is Luna...

Faith, Work, and Calling: Julie's Story

Sep 12, 2022
What happens when you accept a challenge to integrate your professional life and gifting with your personal faith? On...

Three Ways To Celebrate MLK Day

Jan 11, 2022
MLK Day commemorates the vision and work of one of the most influential and inspiring leaders in our nation’s history...

A Conversation with Artist Sedrick Huckaby

Mar 29, 2021
Recently, Pastor Greg Holmes sat down with acclaimed artist Sedrick Huckaby. The two talked about some of the major t...

Life Isn't Fair

Jan 26, 2021
Life isn’t fair. We all have experiences, good or bad, to remind us of that fact. In the context of racial injustice,...

Honoring MLK's Legacy

Jan 13, 2021
Several Chase Oaks staff share personal reflections on how they, as people of color, are choosing to honor and contin...

Two Families at One Virtual Table

Nov 25, 2020
Two families took a courageous step to share a meal with someone “different” than themselves. In the process, they pl...

Embracing the Other

Dec 06, 2017
Chase Oaks Church has a vision of being a church that embraces the other rather than turning away as we try to reach ...

Chase Oaks En Español—Where We Belong

Jul 12, 2017
I have to trust God will take care of my now, adult children and what we have planted over the years will help them c...

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