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A Conversation About Rebranding Christianity

Oct 04, 2023
Recently, Chase Oaks Lead Pastor Jeff Jones sat down with two influential executives to discuss what it means to reca...

How Would Jesus Navigate Politics Today?

Nov 07, 2022
How would Jesus navigate the political issues we face today?

Sustaining Hope in Egypt

Oct 31, 2022
Two Chase Oaks Partners work to sustain hope among Egypt's poor by creating economic opportunities for a better life....

An Update from Anatoliy Prokopchuk of Ukraine

May 22, 2022
Long-time Chase Oaks missionary partner Anatoliy Prokopchuk provides a brief personal update after his escape from Uk...

Being Here For Good for Our Global Partners During COVID-19

Jun 06, 2020
COVID-19 has put a strain on countries such as Egypt and Kenya. So, Chase Oaks Church is working with their global pa...

Think East Africa: Bringing Clean Water to Communities

Apr 25, 2019
With millions around the world suffering without clean water, Think East Africa is transforming Burundi through clean...

Finding Ways to Influence the 800,000

Mar 01, 2018
As Christ-followers, we are called to reach the people in our lives that don't know God. We can influence others thro...

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