Chase Oaks is here to inspire people to follow Jesus and together change our world for good. We believe faith is a journey, and each of us has steps to take. None of us has it all figured out—but no matter what, God loves us all exactly as we are. Discover more about what we believe and what makes us “us.”


We are one church that meets in multiple locations throughout north Dallas. Find out about our campuses, service times, kids and student information, and places we’re looking to launch new locations.


We want to help make your visit to Chase Oaks as comfortable as we can. If it means sneaking in five minutes late, great! Or if it’s meeting a member of our staff before service, contact us…we’d love to help. You might have some questions about what to expect. Here are a few we get a lot.

Look for signs and people wearing either Chase Oaks t-shirts or lanyard nametags to help you on your way. If you have kids, follow the signs toward KIDS CO. (trust us, they’ll have an awesome time there)! Our KIDS CO. leaders will get your kids checked in and answer any questions you have.

Our weekend services are 60-75 minutes long. We’ll have great music which is typically 3 or 4 worship songs and often a cover tune. It’s lively, upbeat, and perhaps louder than you might expect (earplugs are available at the doors). Feel free to sing along or just listen. Then, one of our pastors will teach from the Bible in a casual, conversational way for about 35-40 minutes. To see what our weekend experiences are like, watch a full service here

We know coming to a church for the first time can be intimidating, but we really mean it when we say everyone’s welcome. We are diverse in every sense of the word: racial and ethnic background, life stage and lifestyle, religious background and personal doubts, addictions and struggles, and sexual identity and orientation. All of our stories are different, and we’re all on a unique journey to learn more about God and his love. Our mix of cultures, generations, and experiences is part of what makes our community beautiful. We’d love to have you join us!

We don’t have any. So, if you’d like to be one of us, congratulations…you’re in! You can belong here before you believe—or at any point in your faith journey.

New (or new-ish) to Chase Oaks? You’re invited to


It's a great opportunity to connect with staff and fellow Chase Oakers. Come learn more about us, including what we offer individuals and families, what we’re up to in the community, and how to get connected as you consider your next steps here.


Here are 3 easy next steps you can take to get connected at Chase Oaks.


Need prayer? Planning a visit? Ready to connect? Let us know so we can get you what you need.


Find out what makes us “us”—learn more about our purpose, values, leadership, and beliefs.


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