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Two Essential Back-to-School Checklists

Jul 15, 2024
BACK TO SCHOOL. Whether those words prompt panic or joy, we all want to make this year a great one for the kids. Use ...

Five of the Best "4th of July" Firework Displays in DFW for 2024

Jun 26, 2024
Nothing says “4th of July” quite like fireworks! Find some of the best and most spectacular displays around DFW, righ...

Where To Celebrate Juneteenth 2024 in DFW

Jun 12, 2024
Where in DFW can you celebrate Juneteenth 2023? Use our list of events to make plans in honor of this national holida...

5 Interesting Facts About Juneteenth

Jun 12, 2024
Juneteenth commemorates the day the Emancipation Proclamation reached Texas. It's a celebration of hope and freedom f...

Reasons Why We Celebrate Father's Day

Jun 10, 2024
Every third Sunday in June, families gather together to celebrate their fathers. But surprisingly, Father’s Day began...

7 Great Ideas for Inexpensive or Free Summer Fun

Jun 07, 2024
Making great memories with your family doesn't have to break the bank this summer. Look here for 7 great ideas for in...

How To Love Our LGBTQ+ Family and Friends

Jun 01, 2024
No matter what our beliefs are about same-sex attraction and relationships, there are ways we can love our LGBTQ+ fam...

Burnout: 13 Symptoms and Solutions

May 29, 2024
Burnout is a serious issue—but how can you tell if you've got it? Read about 13 key burnout symptoms and solutions, h...

Why and How To Set Personal Boundaries

May 28, 2024
What are boundaries, and why are they so hard to set? Learn more about this valuable part of any healthy relationship...

How Birds Can Teach Us To Pray

May 23, 2024
Let’s face it, prayer can be hard and frustrating. When our prayer lives feel stale or stuck, we can learn something ...

Big Questions: Am I Good Enough?

May 22, 2024
"What's wrong with me? Why does everyone else have it together? I must not be good enough." Learn a valuable strategy...

Five Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day in DFW

May 21, 2024
Memorial Day isn't just the unofficial start of summer. Learn more about the history behind the holiday and discover ...

From a Graduate's Dad: Advice to Parents of New Graduates

May 13, 2024
Graduation marks the end of one stage and the start of another. Chase Oaks Woodbridge Campus Pastor (and grad dad) To...

When Mother's/Father's Day Is Hard

May 03, 2024
For many of us, Mother's and Father's Day can be a difficult, painful time. They are also an opportunity to care for ...

Four Ways To Treat Mom on Mother’s Day

Apr 28, 2024
Mother’s Day is right around the corner! We've got four ways you can make the mom or mom-figure in your life feel spe...

3 Reasons Why We Should Celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Apr 26, 2024
Why and how do we celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month? It is a time to honor the lives and achievements o...

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