Give to the Chase Oaks Primary Ministry Fund

This fund is what fuels most of the ministry through Chase Oaks, including next generation, worship, small groups, outreach, facilities, and staff. This fund is currently behind budget by 2% for the ministry year. To give to this fund, please select your campus below and then use the “Give Now” button.

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Local Outreach Fund

Our Local Outreach Fund allows us to say yes to unexpected opportunities in our community that were not budgeted and helps fuel the Local Good Center. Our Local Outreach Fund is fully funded to resource opportunities for the next 12 months.



Global Outreach Fund

Our Global Fund allows us to go above and beyond what we have in our Ministry Fund to make a difference in key areas of the world that desperately need the hope and love of Jesus. Our Global Fund is helping fund a number of projects across the globe and has the funds to cover commitments for the next 6 months.



Love Fund

We can all find ourselves going through difficult seasons. The Love Fund is used to provide short-term help to those at Chase Oaks who are in financial crisis. This fund allows us to come alongside and journey with recipients in helpful, tangible ways. The Love Fund is fully funded for the rest of this year.