Chase Oaks Church is a community of real people with messy lives and different stories who want to come together for good.

We don’t always get it right, and that’s okay. God invites us, exactly as we are, to share his love in active and unexpected ways. Everyone is welcome as we journey with him one step at a time, finding and sharing his hope together.

Jeff Jones, Lead Pastor

Jeff has served as the Lead Pastor of Chase Oaks Church since 2004. He loves Chick-fil-A, Alabama football, and, most importantly, making it easy for any person to experience the profound love of Jesus. He is also the host of The Good Complex; in a world animated by anger, division, and fear, he started this podcast in order to create a place where common good is the focus and where love, grace, and humility win the day. Jeff is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary.


Why we do what we do and what makes us “us.”

We respond to the issues of our day through the lens of Jesus, who always engaged others with empathy, grace, and truth. As we follow Jesus’ lead, we pray for discernment and wisdom to lead and love people well.

In a divided and complex world, we are known by what we are for, not by what we are against. We love in unexpected ways with surprising generosity as we seek to meet brokenness, need, and injustice with the hope of Jesus.
Our unity is beautiful when it reflects the diversity of our world. We are committed to the hard work of bringing different people together for good and demonstrating God’s love in unexpected ways.

As real people with messy lives, we are mindful of our own shortcomings. We are all on a journey of transformation. We celebrate momentum over destination, inspire through grace rather than shame, and all take steps to mature in faith, hope, and love.
We are optimistic about the future. We encourage and empower emerging leaders from the next generation who will shape the church for years to come.

We are better together because healthy and helpful friends make a world of difference. We focus on gathering in groups, serving in teams, and partnering with others who are doing great work in our community.

We focus on our common mission and core biblical beliefs. We refuse to allow secondary issues to divide our church.

We are never more like Jesus than when we give up our preferences for the sake of others. We design every part of Chase Oaks to be not only relevant to us, but also compelling and engaging to those who have yet to come.
Though our biblical “functions” stay the same, we change our church “forms” to reach a shifting culture. We look for opportunities to modify whatever we do so that we can be as effective as possible with the mission we’ve been given.


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