7 Great Ideas for Inexpensive or Free Summer Fun

Jul 06, 2023
Making great memories with your family doesn't have to break the bank this summer. Look here for 7 great ideas for in...

4 Ways To Create a Great Summer for Your Family (And Have Fun Doing It)

Jun 29, 2023
Parents and kids's summertime! We've got 4 tips to take the stress out of creating a great summer for yo...

Keep Calm and Parent On: Raising a Prodigal

May 28, 2023
What do you do when your child's path doesn't follow the one you imagined? Find hope and perspective from a parent wh...

How To Talk to Your Kids and Teens About the Mass Shooting in Allen

May 15, 2023
How do we talk with kids about events like the mass shooting in Allen, Texas? Chase Oaks Care Pastor Shanda Gunter ta...

2 Lessons I'm Learning About How To Survive Parenthood

Jan 22, 2023
Parenthood is hard work, but there's hope. Discover two real-life lessons from a parent who's learning how to not jus...

Keep Calm and Parent On: Back to School Edition

Aug 07, 2022
How can parents help their kids gear up for a great year ahead? By being intentional, we can be the life coaches our ...

How Domestic Violence Impacts Our Community

Jun 23, 2022
Domestic violence is a real, ongoing, but often hidden issue. We need to be aware of its impact on our community and ...

VBX 2022: A "Monumental" Week

Jun 21, 2022
What happens when you mix hundreds of kids, dozens of volunteers, countless hours of prayer and preparation, and a po...

Keep Calm and Parent On: Step Back and Watch Them Fly

May 17, 2022
Kids grow up In what seems like the blink of an eye. How do we keep calm and parent them as they mature, and how do w...

Keep Calm and Parent On: Easter Edition

Mar 29, 2022
When our parenting dreams don't match reality, panic can set in. That's why we've got some useful tips on how to stay...

How To Raise Our Kids To Value Others

Jul 30, 2021
What would the world look like if we taught our kids to value others?

Evolving Ambitions

Jan 20, 2021
What if you made it to the top, but it was the wrong ladder? One high-powered executive made that discovery the hard ...

Five Ways to Help Young Kids with Online Learning

Oct 21, 2020
How many snacks can a three and six-year-old eat while doing online learning? A lot. Like, a LOT. Since the pandemic ...

3 Tips for Talking to Your Kids About Going Back to School

Jul 30, 2020
Whether your kids will be learning remotely or in-person during this season, we have three tips for talking to your k...

Bible Memory Verses Made Simple for Your Family

Apr 29, 2020
With shelter-in-place orders, your family might have some extra time on your hands. So, we made Bible memory verses s...

8 Practical Tips for Learning at Home

Apr 17, 2020
Crisis schooling has swept the nation as schools remain closed amid COVID-19. To help our families, we have eight pra...

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