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Bible Memory Verses Made Simple for Your Family

Apr 29, 2020
With shelter-in-place orders, your family might have some extra time on your hands. So, we made Bible memory verses s...

8 Practical Tips for Learning at Home

Apr 17, 2020
Crisis schooling has swept the nation as schools remain closed amid COVID-19. To help our families, we have eight pra...

7 Ways the Armor of God Can Protect Your Children Right Now

Apr 16, 2020
During these uncertain times, we believe that if our children aren’t being prepared, then they are unprepared. As par...

Four Cheap and Easy Easter Crafts

Apr 07, 2020
Let the Easter-time fun begin! We've got four easy and inexpensive Easter crafts you can do with your kids to celebra...

3 Easy and Fun Preschool Bible Crafts for This Season

Apr 02, 2020
As parents and children are forced into shelter-in-home orders, we know how hard it is keep things fun and creative a...

Three Easter Traditions to Do With Your Family at Home

Mar 31, 2020
Easter is coming! Are you ready to celebrate with your family? Try out some new traditions that can be super fun whil...

Next Gen Summer Camps 2020 at Chase Oaks Church

Feb 16, 2020
For parents, one of the hardest things to compete with is technology. Our children and teens are spending more and mo...

Overcoming the Struggles of Single Parenting

Jun 14, 2018
Single parenting is a difficult path to navigate that no one should have to face alone. We have found ways for single...

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