RightNow Media

RightNow Media is a highly accessible and customizable tool that streams all kinds of biblical content through its Bible Study Library. Think of it as a “Netflix” for churches, with all kinds of videos centered around specific studies, books, and topics, all of which can be streamed from virtually anywhere (iPhone, iPad, laptops, Apple TV, Roku, etc.) at anytime. And it is our gift to you, because access is FREE for Chase Oakers!



Page2Podcast is a seasonal podcast by Eric Torrence and Greg Holmes, presented by Chase Oaks Church. We go behind the headlines and beyond Sunday morning sermons to discuss in-depth issues of faith, life, and culture. Listen, consider, connect, and converse with us—we’d love to hear from you!


How To Spend a Day Alone With God

Taking an entire day or even part of a day to be with God may be a great experience, or a frustrating one. The pace and pull of our lives and the constant connection with our world that technology brings means it will take a very intentional effort to unplug from our typical daily patterns and engage a space that may feel foreign to most.


DTS Seminar

Many people admire and even revere the Bible, but do not understand what it says nor how to study Scripture. Yet they wish they could. In this insightful, engaging, and even amusing seminar, Dr. Mark Yarbrough, the sixth president of Dallas Theological Seminary and a pre-eminent expert on digging into God’s Word, shows how easy and gratifying it is to unlock the hidden truths of the Bible. In doing so, he helps us to uncover a world where reading it doesn’t just satisfy our curiosity but changes our life.