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Singled Out: Singleness After 30

Jan 24, 2023
Singleness after 30 can be challenging in a marriage-centric culture. Read one single woman's reflections on navigati...

Adventurous Faith: Choosing Risk over Safety

Dec 06, 2022
Faith isn't meant to be safe. God calls us to move beyond our comfort zone, into risky yet rewarding territory. Read ...

How Would Jesus Navigate Politics Today?

Nov 07, 2022
How would Jesus navigate the political issues we face today?

Faith, Work, and Calling: Julie's Story

Sep 12, 2022
What happens when you accept a challenge to integrate your professional life and gifting with your personal faith? On...

Into the Light: Jialin's Story

Aug 13, 2022
Read how an international student met God and moved from darkness to light during her graduate school years.

Surprised by Church: A Social Recluse's Journey

Jul 31, 2022
Like faith itself, our relationship with a faith community is a unique one that can shift over time. Read about one p...

Seeking God Together at IF:Chase Oaks 2022

Jul 05, 2022
Life's never too busy for spiritual health! IF:Chase Oaks 2022 provided over 200+ women a welcome break to seek God a...

Doubting God

Jun 05, 2022
How much uncertainty can we handle when it comes to our core beliefs? What do we do when we find ourselves doubting God?

Keep Calm and Parent On: Step Back and Watch Them Fly

May 17, 2022
Kids grow up In what seems like the blink of an eye. How do we keep calm and parent them as they mature, and how do w...

Behind the Scenes with Chase Oaks Worship

May 15, 2022
Every week, Chase Oaks Worship helps lead us into a deeper experience of God through music. How do the worship team m...

Meet Artist Marla Morrison Fucich

Mar 31, 2022
Meet artist Marla Morrison Fucich. Her life and work reflect a beautiful, ongoing exploration of art, faith, and the ...

Hope Fuels Endurance

Mar 27, 2022
Why—and how—do we keep going when we are weary, worn down, and overwhelmed?

Deconstruction: Losing My Faith and Finding It Again

Mar 17, 2022
Get (re)acquainted with Wendy Child and her story of deconstructing—and reconstructing—her faith.

Seven Common Questions About Baptism

Mar 08, 2022
Most of us have heard about baptism, but we don't always understand it. Here are answers to seven common questions ab...

Lost in Religion: Nicodemus' Story

Mar 04, 2022
How can someone who is weary of religiosity and empty tradition find their way back to a vital, meaningful faith? The...

Big Questions: Do I Have To Go to Church To Follow Jesus?

Feb 08, 2022
Can a person follow Jesus without going to church? Does church even matter in this day and age?

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