Trusted World: Helping People Who Help People

Posted by Vince Ellwood, Contributing Writer, on Mar 02, 2021

Trusted World: Helping People Who Help People

Trusted World quietly serves the people and organizations who provide services on someone else’s behalf. They are a behind-the-scenes provider to providers, committed to supplying the best material resources available. And amazingly, they do it at no cost to the people they serve. Everything they do for others is a gift.

Over the years, I’ve really admired behind-the-scenes people: those who faithfully do their jobs, assisting others in need and making great things happen, all while not calling any attention to themselves in the process. As a Chase Oaks Local Partner, Trusted World is that type of organization. Their motto is “Helping People Help People”, and it is one that they truly live into.

Beginnings of Trusted World

Michael Garrett, Trusted World’s founder, spent over 30 years in manufacturing operations. His ability to find maximum efficiencies and establish better process controls led to many successes in his career. As a Christ follower, however, the burning desire of his heart was to do something here on earth that would have even greater value for God. So, he stepped out in faith to see what God might accomplish if he applied his skills and knowledge in a different setting. Michael made the shift from the business world into the nonprofit one, bringing his vast corporate experience along with him.

From the beginning, the goal for Trusted World has been to create an organization with an efficient and effective donation fulfillment process which would ensure that people facing crises or situational poverty could receive resources in a timely manner at no cost. Several years later, Michael’s dream is becoming a reality. The vision for where God might take this effective ministry is expanding world-wide.

Helping the Helpers

Who does Trusted World serve? The list includes over 200 nonprofits and continues to grow. Community groups, caseworkers, police officers, and fire fighters as well as 214 schools in 11 school districts all utilize Trusted World to help the people they serve.

For example, when there is an apartment fire, the Red Cross steps in to help with case management, and Trusted World has been the organization to help the Red Cross supply necessary items for the residents.

When COVID hit the homeless community, Catholic Charities built a hotel for those who are dealing with COVID. They are able to order all clothing, food, and personal care items from Trusted World.

And when Chase Oaks received word that a senior living community had frozen/burst pipes because of the recent winter storms, Trusted World arrived the next day to deliver three pallets of bottled water. Two schools have also reached out for help, and Trusted World is responding with additional resources.

Other requests come from police officers for clothing or personal care items could be for victims of crime or people in an emergency situation who have been displaced or forced to flee from a home. Sometimes students may be in need of clothing, or a homeless resident might need clothes for a job interview. Whatever the need, people who utilize the resources of Trusted World are helping their “clients,” providing high quality items at no cost to them.

Donation and Distribution Process

Where does Trusted World obtain resources to provide to others? It collects them through generous donations from various peoples, organizations, churches, and corporations. You may have seen their collection bin for items in the lobby of Chase Oaks’ Legacy campus. There are other collection bins in various locations throughout the DFW area, and later this spring, an Eagle Scout will complete construction on a larger outdoor bin at Legacy Campus.

Once donations are collected and delivered to the Trusted World Distribution and Service Center in Garland, workers do the following:

  1. Inspect each item donated and then discard or recycle any clothing items that do not meet quality standards. All clothing must be either new or only slightly used, as Trusted World does not put substandard resources into their system for the people they help.
  2. Sort each item by type, size, and style, placing all properly categorized items into bins with barcode-type labels. The sorting helps to facilitate the retrieval process from a sophisticated online inventory system.

After the inventory is done, organizations can place orders online by selecting items for the person(s) needing the resources. Trusted World’s system allows requestors to specify the type of resource, size, and even preferred colors needed. Generally, resources requested are delivered within 48-72 hours of placing an order, allowing community groups to meet needs in a very timely manner.

In the past several years, Trusted World has expanded their footprint and ministry model by designing team building and volunteer events at their distribution and service center in Garland. For example, churches or corporations can assemble volunteer groups to work together on a specific day for a set amount of time. Once scheduled, Trusted World sets the group up to successfully accomplish designated projects, resulting in shared fulfillment of resources for a specific need.

One group might prepare hundreds of food packets in assembly line fashion for emergency relief, which is then shipped by container somewhere around the globe.

Opportunities to Partner

One thing this COVID-19 pandemic has taught all of us is how much we need to be working to be Here For Good wherever we find ourselves. And there are plenty of ways that Chase Oakers have joined in the work of Trusted World.

For example, after Michael delivered the pallets of water to the senior living community, his electric pallet jack broke. Through the generosity of Chase Oakers, the church was able to give money toward the cost of replacing the jack (a vital piece of equipment to the work of Trusted World).

Currently, Trusted World is in desperate need of nonperishable food, such as canned meats (e.g., tuna and chicken), canned fruits and vegetables, pasta and pasta sauce, and cereal. Collections can be dropped off at the Legacy Campus bin or at another collection point in the DFW area, here.

Michael’s wisdom and background have helped him develop Trusted World into an organization that many organizations and people trust, not just in the midst of crisis but every day. Look for more opportunities to partner with this Local Partner this spring!

Want to learn more about Trusted World and our other Local Partners? Find information and service opportunities, here.

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