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Meet Tracy Parlin, Director of the Local Good Pantry

Nov 15, 2023
Get to know Tracy Parlin, the Director of the new Local Good Pantry in Richardson.

Community Mural Brings Wonder and Joy to the Sachse Area

Sep 18, 2023
A vibrant new mural has been installed at the Chase Oaks Woodbridge Campus to bring joy and inspiration to the surrou...

Community Mural Celebrates the Children of Fairview, Allen, and McKinney

Jun 30, 2023
A new community mural celebrating the next generations of Fairview, Allen, and McKinney has been installed at the Cha...

Sustaining Hope in Egypt

Oct 31, 2022
Two Chase Oaks Partners work to sustain hope among Egypt's poor by creating economic opportunities for a better life....

What Is The Good Complex?

Dec 01, 2021
What if, in a world animated by fear, anger and isolation, there was a place that focused on all of the good that is ...

Here For Good: Why Showing up for Others Still Matters

Sep 15, 2021
The pandemic has challenged us in every area of our lives. And it has reminded us why showing up for others still mat...

Here For Good: Faith and Fitness

May 10, 2021
Like many Chase Oakers, Jenny wanted to make a difference in her community but wasn't sure how. Inspired by the call ...

Here For Good Through Winter Storms

Feb 24, 2021
Two epic winter storms have given leaders, volunteers, and local partners countless opportunities to serve the commun...

The Bridge Scholarship Program is Here For Good

Nov 09, 2020
Jay Volk is part of the Bridge, a nonprofit which invited Chase Oaks Family Center students to write an essay about h...

Love and Little Things: Rasor Elementary Partner Team Is Here For Good

Oct 28, 2020
Little things done with love can make a huge difference. See how one Partner Team is living out a passion to be Here...

A Birthday Invitation to Be Here For Good

Oct 27, 2020
How can a personal milestone become an invitation to make an impact? Discover one woman’s inspiring birthday commitm...

How to Celebrate National Night Out

Sep 28, 2020
Connection with others is more important than ever. There are lots of ways to get to know our neighbors and build bri...

Neighborhood Leads Bring Connection and Community

Aug 25, 2020
When Sarah and Vince Inatomi were looking for a house in 2017, they were passionate about making it into a loving hom...

Chase Oaks and YMCA Partnership is Here For Good

Aug 04, 2020
It starts at 7:30 weekday mornings. A caravan of cars, trucks and SUVs of every make, model, size, and color do a slo...

5 Ways You Can Serve to Be Here For Good at Chase Oaks

Jul 25, 2020
During the pandemic, we can impact our community and serve to be here for good at Chase Oaks. Here are five ways we c...

Friendship Ministry Is Here For Good for the Homeless Community

Jul 16, 2020
During the COVID-19 lockdown, Friendship Ministry was deemed essential as one family worked to be here for good for t...

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