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Resurrection Eggs: An Easter Advent Activity

Mar 25, 2020
Oftentimes, when we think of advent, we think of Christmas. But Easter also has an advent season. Easter Advent is du...

Fighting Fair During the Coronavirus Quarantine

Mar 19, 2020
Because we are spending a lot of time in our homes practicing social distancing, the chances of experiencing conflict...

#LoveDoesTheUnexpected Opportunity Fund Supports Panther Pride

Feb 18, 2020
Last fall, Chase Oaks Church challenged everyone to think big about creative ways to show others how #LoveDoesTheUnex...

Choosing Your Friends Wisely

Feb 11, 2020
Friends are easily one of the most important relationships in our lives! We grow up recognizing that we need people a...

Three Ways for Women to Connect at Chase Oaks

Feb 09, 2020
Women are busy. It doesn’t matter what stage of life you are in. And chances are you probably need some time to conne...

Three Struggles of the Boomerang Generation

Nov 14, 2019
Moving home after college isn't always the easiest decision. Society calls us the "Boomerang Generation" and here are...

The Importance of Having a Mentor

Sep 20, 2019
Having a mentor is important because we all need people in our lives to encourage us, support us, and pour into us as...

Three Tips for Creating Positive Connections With Adult Children

Sep 17, 2019
When your children become adults, it can be hard to let go. Here are three ways you can create positive connections w...

Finding Connection and Community in Unexpected Ways

Jul 02, 2019
Finding connection and community can be difficult. But Chase Oaker Ginny Andrews tells how she found connection and c...

Bob Goff's "Everybody Always": A New Perspective on Life and Love

Apr 09, 2019
Bob Goff's Everybody Always gives a unique perspective on the life and love God calls us to live out daily. His stori...

Why Communication Can Get Messy

Aug 30, 2018
Communication can be a difficult part of relationships to navigate. But there are things we can do to improve our com...

Three New Year's Resolutions That Will Change Your Life

Dec 31, 2017
New Year's is the time for making resolutions. This year, try these three New Year's resolutions that will have a pos...

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