The Importance of Having a Mentor

Posted by Maggie Coffey, Contributing Writer, on Sep 20, 2019

The Importance of Having a Mentor

When going through life, we need people to stand next to us through the thick and thin. I’m not talking about our friends, our family, or our partner. I’m talking about a mentor.

What Is a Mentor?

The dictionary describes a mentor as a trusted counselor or guide. We believe there are four aspects that make a great mentor:

  1. A mentor is at least one generation older than you.
    We say at least one generation older because they have a different kind of wisdom to pour into you that your friends can’t.
  2. A mentor cares about you.
    We want your mentor to be fully invested in you for the long-run. They are to be a cheerleader and an encourager, but they should not be directing your life path for you.
  3. A mentor is consistent.
    This mentor should be consistently scheduling regular meetings and following up with you. We want you to be involved in each other's lives, not just check the boxes off each month.
  4. A mentor is solid in their faith.
    We want your mentor to not just be pouring into you emotionally but also spiritually. This is important because we all should be poured into by someone who is more spiritually mature. This allows us to learn from them and grow in our own faith.

As Millenials, we are at a crucial stage in our lives where we need the guidance and wisdom of someone of an older generation. Even though having a mentor was not talked about while we're growing up, it is important to understand the importance of having someone pour into our lives in a healthy way.  

Why Is Having a Mentor Important?

The Bible emphasizes the importance of having a mentor in Proverbs 27:17, “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

It’s a part of our walk with God—that we have someone of a different generation pour into our lives. Not just taking part in it but also speaking the Word of God into us. When this happens, it strengthens both the mentor's and mentee’s faith.

How Do You Find a Mentor?

This might be a little more difficult if you don’t have many older people in your life. But if you do, then think about those who you’d want to pour into you. The goal of having a mentor is to have someone you trust that is invested in your life, so you can invest in others' lives, too.

If you don’t have anyone that comes up immediately in your head, start to think about the adults in your life that you could form a relationship with. Narrow your list down and pray about whether or not you want to ask that individual into your life. This step is important: As the soon-to-be-mentee, you should be looking out for a good mentor.

When you find one, be intentional about asking them to be your mentor. More than likely, an adult won’t come to you asking to mentor you, but they might say yes if you ask them. Take a chance!

How Do You Become a Mentor?

For those who are interested in becoming mentors, be open and available to those of a younger generation in your life. Be prayerfully considering if you want to mentor someone or not. Be ready and not thrown off guard if someone comes to you looking for your wisdom.

The truth is that no matter what stage of life we’re in, we have wisdom to give, but we also are in need of guidance. The mentor-mentee role never really ends, because in order to pour into someone else, we must also be poured into.

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