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A Leadership Choice: Connection or Isolation

Jan 31, 2022
We are wired for relationships with other people. Isolation kills us, but real connection replenishes us. This is esp...

Meet En Español Campus Pastor Hiram Vega

Jan 28, 2022
Get to know Hiram Vega, Campus Pastor of Chase Oaks En Español.

A Challenge I Didn’t See Coming

Jan 19, 2022
We don’t always see what is coming our way, both in life and in leadership.

The Realities of Ministry

Nov 05, 2021
A Gen Zer reflects on the realities, both good and challenging, of her ministry to others.

3 Myths about Mentorship

Oct 03, 2021
Mentorship is a powerful avenue for growth and impacting others, but we often avoid it because of wrong assumptions. ...

Leadership Is Hard

Jul 16, 2021
Leadership is hard. It's no wonder so many leaders are depleted and discouraged. What can they do not to just hang on...

My Favorite Books? I Am Glad You Asked.

Jan 20, 2021
Periodically, someone will ask what books have shaped my thinking and impacted me greatly. Books have unlocked key co...

Stop The Madness

Oct 07, 2020
There are many important things that divide us. I am pondering another option these days, related to an even more imp...

The Next Few Months for Your Group

May 15, 2020
Now that restrictions are starting to ease in Texas, every business, industry, organization, and type of gathering is...

Wisdom in Crisis From Dr. Henry Cloud

Mar 26, 2020
Here we are on March 26, 2020, and we are in the middle of a pandemic. The news, guidance, and restrictions seem to c...

8 Things I Am Doing During the Coronavirus Season

Mar 17, 2020
Leading ourselves well in times like these is extremely important. People need you right now like never before. Let’s...

5 Major Catalysts for Healthy Change

Dec 10, 2019
We all have situations and struggles in our lives that raise our anxieties and make life quite challenging. If we are...

Creating a Community of Love and Acceptance for Our Neighbors

Sep 12, 2019
What can we do to calm fears and create communities where all people can feel accepted, welcomed, cared for?

7 Questions for Wise Investing

Aug 22, 2019
When it comes to growing leaders, the best investment is one leader investing time and wisdom into another leader.

Five Foolish Things Leaders Do

Apr 01, 2019
Read about five foolish things that seem to trip us up as leaders.

Cultivating Your Unique Purpose

Mar 19, 2019
People like Moses, David, Ruth, Mary, and Paul set a high bar when it comes to purpose. If you happened to grow up at...

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