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7 Questions for Wise Investing

Aug 22, 2019
When it comes to growing leaders, the best investment is one leader investing time and wisdom into another leader.

Five Foolish Things Leaders Do

Apr 01, 2019
Read about five foolish things that seem to trip us up as leaders.

Cultivating Your Unique Purpose

Mar 19, 2019
People like Moses, David, Ruth, Mary, and Paul set a high bar when it comes to purpose. If you happened to grow up at...

Lift Your Spirit While Lifting Someone’s Skills

Mar 01, 2019
There is a simple way to increase your happiness and fulfillment and improve a person’s skills at the same time. I wa...

Me? Needy?

Feb 19, 2019
The last thing we want someone to say about us is that we are “super needy.” We want to be independent, self-sufficie...

Is it Really Necessary for Leaders to Process Pain?

Feb 06, 2019
As leaders, we are the ones who people expect to have it together, so we rarely give ourselves permission to feel and...

Take the Mystery Out of Mentoring

Feb 01, 2019
At the end of the day, there is no magical mystical formula for mentoring. The main goal is to connect, be for each o...

The Hardest People to Lead

Jan 15, 2019
Leading ourselves well over time is the greatest challenge for most of us. It is relatively easy to create a vision, ...

6 Practices for Leading a Team

Jan 01, 2019
The best organizational leaders communicate hope through vision. The best team leaders make that vision happen throug...

5 Things Great Leaders Do

Dec 15, 2018
What is that great leaders do that make working with them so fulfilling and rewarding? What can you and I consistentl...

The One Question We All Ask

Dec 01, 2018
There is a lingering question in the forefront of our thoughts almost every day. “Do I have what it takes?”

Why a Blog on Leadership?

Nov 15, 2018
Jack Warren highlights the purpose behind his leadership blogs.

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