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Surprised by Church: A Social Recluse's Journey

Jul 31, 2022
Like faith itself, our relationship with a faith community is a unique one that can shift over time. Read about one p...

What Is The Good Complex?

Dec 01, 2021
What if, in a world animated by fear, anger and isolation, there was a place that focused on all of the good that is ...

Life Isn't Fair

Jan 26, 2021
Life isn’t fair. We all have experiences, good or bad, to remind us of that fact. In the context of racial injustice,...

Two Families at One Virtual Table

Nov 25, 2020
Two families took a courageous step to share a meal with someone “different” than themselves. In the process, they pl...

Creating a Community of Love and Acceptance for Our Neighbors

Sep 12, 2019
What can we do to calm fears and create communities where all people can feel accepted, welcomed, cared for?

Finding Connection and Community in Unexpected Ways

Jul 02, 2019
Finding connection and community can be difficult. But Chase Oaker Ginny Andrews tells how she found connection and c...

Bob Goff's "Everybody Always": A New Perspective on Life and Love

Apr 09, 2019
Bob Goff's Everybody Always gives a unique perspective on the life and love God calls us to live out daily. His stori...

From Ashes to Beauty: A Story of Transformation

Mar 21, 2018
Transformation requires time and connection. Transformation takes place over a period of time in a small group or a c...

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