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4 Ways to Spend More Time With God

Apr 12, 2023
What does surviving a zombie apocalypse have to do with growing in your faith? Hint: they're both easier with the rig...

How To Set Goals for the New Year

Dec 27, 2022
The holiday season is drawing to a close, and we’re eager for new beginnings and positive change. Kickstart your new ...

A Critical Element of Leadership: Drive

Jun 02, 2022
What is drive? Are leaders just born with it, or can they develop it over time? Chase Oaks Executive Pastor Jack Warr...

Meet Artist Marla Morrison Fucich

Mar 31, 2022
Meet artist Marla Morrison Fucich. Her life and work reflect a beautiful, ongoing exploration of art, faith, and the ...

Finding Our Calling and Purpose

Sep 01, 2021
Understanding how to live into your calling and find your purpose can lead you to your happy place where you will fin...

Evolving Ambitions

Jan 20, 2021
What if you made it to the top, but it was the wrong ladder? One high-powered executive made that discovery the hard ...

Finding Strength in God Through the Gospel

Apr 29, 2020
As COVID-19 turns our lives upside down, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and out of control. Finding strength in God ca...

Overcoming Student Debt

Feb 25, 2020
This accumulation of student debt in our society has crippled individuals financially but also socially! Thanks to st...

Overcoming Fear When Making Decisions

Feb 04, 2018
Oftentimes, fear and anxiety begin to take over when we are faced with making decisions. But we can find freedom when...

Growing in Service

Sep 13, 2017
A family that stays together serves together. The Frank family served in the coffee bar where they made a difference ...

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