Five Fun Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer

Posted on Jul 03, 2022

Five Fun Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer

Summer is here—and in Texas, that means plenty of hot weather! Looking for some family-friendly ways to help you beat the heat? We’ve got five for you to try:

1. Enjoy something cool and refreshing.

Nothing says summer like fresh fruit or a frozen treat. Try making your own with one of these mouth-watering recipes!

2. Gather family and friends for some ice and water games.

You can find lots of terrific ideas online, but here are a few to get you started.

Find some more fun ideas for kids, here.

3. Go for a drive.

Escape (or embrace) the heat by loading up the car with loved ones, sunblock, sun hats, and something to keep everyone hydrated. Some fun destination ideas around DFW:

4. Share some indoor fun.

Got air-conditioning? Invite some friends over and try one of these options:

  • Build a fort or obstacle course. If you have some budding engineers on hand, inspire them with these fort building plans from IKEA Russia.
  • Enjoy an indoor picnic (on the ground, of course).
  • Set up a DIY spa day at home.
  • Host a game night, movie night, or dance party night with your neighbors.

Having trouble agreeing on an idea? Gather your group and let "each one pick one" idea for everyone to try.

5. Help others. 

Sometimes the best ways to take our minds off the heat involve focusing on others. Opportunities to do that are everywhere! Just a few options to try:

  • Help an elderly neighbor or single parent (maybe with housework, running errands, or childcare).
  • Do something to show appreciation to community workers (police and fire departments, health care workers, and educators, to name a few).
  • Write a "just because" letter to someone you haven't seen in awhile.
  • Serve with a local organization or volunteer group.

However you decide to handle the hot days of summer, enjoy them while they last!

Looking to get more involved with serving others during the slower pace of summer? Check out current opportunities with our local campus teams, here.

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