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College 101: Key Tips To Survive Your First Year

Aug 11, 2023
The first year of college is exciting, but it can also be scary. Here are tips on surviving your first year and deali...

Keep Calm and Parent On: Back to School Edition

Aug 07, 2022
How can parents help their kids gear up for a great year ahead? By being intentional, we can be the life coaches our ...

How To Survive a High School Lock-In

Aug 03, 2022
What happens when a grown adult is voluntarily locked inside a space with a group of high schoolers for a whole night...

On Assignment: Meet High Schooler Callie L.

Apr 27, 2022
High school student Callie L. proves that you can do good and make a real difference at any age. By completing a very...

The Realities of Ministry

Nov 05, 2021
A Gen Zer reflects on the realities, both good and challenging, of her ministry to others.

What Is Parent/Child Dedication?

Oct 30, 2021
What is Parent/Child Dedication, and why does it matter? Find the answers to some commonly asked questions, here.

3 Myths about Mentorship

Oct 03, 2021
Mentorship is a powerful avenue for growth and impacting others, but we often avoid it because of wrong assumptions. ...

Three Ways to Build a Firm Foundation for Your Kids

Jun 20, 2021
Parenting is about sacrifice and building a firm foundation for our kids in faith and family. It's a tough job, but a...

Honoring MLK's Legacy

Jan 13, 2021
Several Chase Oaks staff share personal reflections on how they, as people of color, are choosing to honor and contin...

Five Ways to Help Young Kids with Online Learning

Oct 21, 2020
How many snacks can a three and six-year-old eat while doing online learning? A lot. Like, a LOT. Since the pandemic ...

3 Tips for Talking to Your Kids About Going Back to School

Jul 30, 2020
Whether your kids will be learning remotely or in-person during this season, we have three tips for talking to your k...

An Open Letter to the Class of 2020

May 13, 2020
This year has been a difficult year for seniors. The class of 2020 will not walk the stage at graduation or attend pr...

Finding Strength in God Through the Gospel

Apr 29, 2020
As COVID-19 turns our lives upside down, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and out of control. Finding strength in God ca...

8 Practical Tips for Learning at Home

Apr 17, 2020
Crisis schooling has swept the nation as schools remain closed amid COVID-19. To help our families, we have eight pra...

7 Ways the Armor of God Can Protect Your Children Right Now

Apr 16, 2020
During these uncertain times, we believe that if our children aren’t being prepared, then they are unprepared. As par...

Overcoming Student Debt

Feb 25, 2020
This accumulation of student debt in our society has crippled individuals financially but also socially! Thanks to st...

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