Meet the Local Good Center Staff

Posted on May 15, 2021

Meet the Local Good Center Staff

The Local Good Center aims to create good within our community by offering life-changing educational programs and additional services in health and wellness, advocacy, and job placement.

Its roots trace back to the Chase Oaks Family Center, which opened its doors in 2014. The Family Center has impacted the lives of hundreds of individuals and families each year through education programs and partnerships. Because of overwhelming demand, the center has outgrown its space and is moving to a new, larger location as the renamed Local Good Center. 

Read more about the staff who will direct the Local Good Center’s efforts, below.

Julissa Estrada – Local Good Center Director

As the former director of the Chase Oaks Family Center, Julissa is well-suited to give leadership to the expanded Local Good Center. Julissa has spent her entire life around people from a variety of ethnic, socio-economic, and religious backgrounds. Her childhood experiences in Oak Cliff, Virginia, and South Dallas have shaped her commitment to love and serve others in a way that honors their dignity. She is thrilled to help create access to life-changing services which may otherwise seem unattainable and, in the process, to transform people’s perceptions of Christianity.

Julissa currently lives in Allen with her husband Albert, their three children, and their beloved Yorkie, Cesar. She loves a good laugh, a good hike, and any kind of spicy food.

Maya Quinn, Job Readiness Director

An international traveler, Maya grew up in Mexico City and Plano but has traveled extensively around the world. Both her faith and her understanding of God’s constant grace fuel her commitment to love others through service. Maya has been an active volunteer with multiple Chase Oaks ministries and partnerships. Now, she is channeling her passion for service into real-world solutions for job readiness with the Local Good Center.

Maya enjoys yoga, reading, eating spicy foods, and spending time with her husband, three daughters, and family pets (which include a reclusive but loving dog, an African side-necked turtle, and a Russian tortoise). She still loves to travel and includes Croatia, Argentina, Kenya, and the Maldives on her destination bucket list.

Emily Ussery, Wellness Director

Emily was born in Denver, Colorado and grew up in many different cities around the U.S., including Plano. In her spiritual journey, she has sought to deepen her understanding of grace and acceptance over rules and religion. As a registered nurse and an avid runner, Emily brings both a clinical perspective and a personal commitment to her work with preventative healthcare, nutrition, and wellness. She is most excited about developing programs to provide hands-on help to people in the community.

Emily loves Mexican food and sushi. Fun fact: she and her husband Dain were high school sweethearts. They currently have two young daughters, who have made naps or dreaming about a trip to Hawaii or Australia more appealing in her free time.

Simret Ingram – Education Director

Simret is a true global citizen, having grown up in Djibouti and Grundy, Virginia. As an active volunteer in schools, ESL classrooms, and the children’s ministry at Chase Oaks, she is a believer in the transformational power of education. Working with the Local Good Center enables Simret to express her love of meeting and being a blessing to new people.

A dedicated Nutella fan, Simret and her husband Dennis enjoy raising their three children (ages 12-16) in Texas but aspire to visit a new country together, every other year.

Rachel Corbitt – Project and Systems Manager

Rachel grew up in Farnborough, just south of London, and moved stateside in 2009. She finds joy in using her extensive background in project management and process improvement to serve others. Rachel has been an active volunteer at the Chase Oaks Sloan Creek Campus for years, and she hopes to inspire people to experience the joy of serving others with their gifts, as well. Rachel and her husband Nate make their home in Fairview, along with their six children ranging in age from 22 years to 15 months.

In her spare time, Rachel enjoys drinking hot tea, British style, while working to refine her baking skills.

Want to get involved? Visit the Local Good Center website for more information.

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