Making a Difference One Resume at a Time

Posted by Maya Quinn, Job Readiness Director, on Oct 11, 2022

Making a Difference One Resume at a Time

Professional recruiter and Chase Oaker Charlene Long knows a thing or two about resumes. She goes through dozens each day in her job as a recruiter. Her job is to find suitable candidates for her clients through online tools such as Indeed and LinkedIn. She knows a good resume when she sees one.

During the pandemic, Charlene, like many others, felt disconnected from the world and the church while working from home and doing church online. Pre-Covid, she had been an active volunteer but during quarantine, things came to a stop.

Fast forward to 2021 and the opening of the Local Good Center in November of that year. Charlene decided to attend the center’s Grand Opening event and got in touch with the Job Readiness Director. She expressed her interest to serve as a resume reviewer, using her professional and personal talent of connecting with people.

She dove right in and became Local Good Center’s first resume reviewer, fielding resumes from program participants in the Job Readiness program. Soon the pipeline of people requesting these services began to grow at a faster rate and there was a need to have more resume reviewers on the team. Charlene helped to set the standards for the Resume Reviewing program.

She says, “People underestimate how important their resume is when they are looking for a job. Your resume is the first impression most companies have of you but recruiters and hiring managers only spend about 30 seconds or so looking at it before deciding if they want to interview you. Give them a reason to call you!”

Client after client who has been helped by Charlene have responded with grateful messages, such as this one from an ESL student who has secured a job: “Thank you for all your support! I finally feel like I could join part of real-life.I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided me.” Messages like these infuse joy and resolve into the resume review process. which is conducted virtually.

Charlene and resume reviewers like her who serve at the Local Good Center through its Job Readiness Program get to know their clients in a deep way to better help them in crafting their resume. Often, it’s the spark that gets them on the journey to find meaningful employment. The support and encouragement received is what can make the difference in someone’s life.

We’re so glad Charlene said “yes” to volunteering her time and expertise in order to help others pursue their employment goals. She’s making a difference – one resume at a time!

To get involved in the Job Readiness program at the Local Good Center, visit to and fill out a Volunteer Interest form.

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