Five Free Christmas Light Displays in DFW for 2023

Posted by Jennifer Rogers, Contributing Writer, on Nov 18, 2023

Five Free Christmas Light Displays in DFW for 2023

According to the Today show, putting up Christmas decorations can make you happier. When we see Christmas trees and lights go up, there is a boost in our mood, making us more likely to experience joy and peace throughout the holiday season. Whether you put up your own decorations or simply admire the handiwork of others, take some time to enjoy this popular holiday tradition with some of DFW's best FREE light displays for 2023.

A Brief History of Christmas Lights

Christmas lights began in the 18th century as flickering candles on Christmas trees and in the windows of people’s homes. The candles represented the light of Jesus. Displaying candles in windows was one easy way Christians could recognize each other during the holiday season. The candles let other Christians know that this house was a place where they could celebrate and worship together.

However, the candles were also a fire hazard, eventually creating a need for a new type of light. In 1882, Edward Johnson, a friend and partner of light-bulb inventor Thomas Edison, had the idea to replace Christmas candles with a string of colored electric lights. He put together eight bulbs on one string and draped it on a tree, which impressed spectators as they admired the red, white, and blue lights.

By the 1920s, electric lights were accessible and cheap for the average consumer. In a short time, many homes began decorating with Christmas lights and dazzling people with their Christmas displays.

There are numerous free and professional drive-through light displays throughout DFW. This Advent season, buckle up, grab some hot cocoa, and visit one near you. As you drive, talk about the history and meaning behind Christmas lights. These twinkling displays can be a lovely reminder of what this season is all about: celebrating the Light of the world who came to bring us hope, peace, joy, and love. 

Here are five of the most "electrifying" and free neighborhood light displays around town:

1. Deerfield

The neighborhood of Deerfield boasts some of the most extravagant Christmas lights in North Texas. Many homeowners choose to decorate around different themes such as Dr. Seuss, Charlie Brown, and Disney Christmas. Some houses synchronize their Christmas lights to music and add animated characters, bringing their decorations to life.

As you drive through the neighborhood, you can use your smartphone to vote for houses in the following categories: Best Overall, Most Traditional, Children’s Favorite, and Funniest. To get you in a festive mood, bring some hot chocolate and a sweet snack, as the car lines can get long during Christmas week!

Deerfield is located in Northwest Plano between Preston Road and Coit Road. According to the Deerfield Homeowners Association, you may view holiday lights from December 1-30, from 7–10 PM on weekdays and 7–11 PM on weekends. To look at the lights, you may drive through the neighborhood, park and walk through the neighborhood, or even reserve a carriage to ride through the neighborhood.

2. Timberhollow Circle

Oak Highlands Estates, Dallas
Part of the Oak Highlands Estates subdivision, the cul-de-sac of Timberhollow Circle (and the surrounding neighborhood) is another popular destination for viewing Christmas lights. The themed Christmas displays are part of a tradition that started with homeowners 22 years ago. Each home on the street features exquisite Christmas lights and decorations which represent the 12 days of Christmas. The entrance is located one block south of Royal Lane, west of Abrams Road, on Moss Haven Drive. The lights stay on from dusk until 9 PM through the end of December. 

3. Highland Park/Southwestern Boulevard

Park Cities
Another great Dallas neighborhood to visit this holiday season is Highland Park. You will see immaculate homes completely decked out with Christmas decorations. Touring the beautiful lights in Highland Park has been a holiday tradition for many years. You can drive through the neighborhood beginning at Armstrong Parkway and Preston, or take a carriage ride with your family.

On your way to or from Highland Park, include a drive down Southwestern Boulevard in University Park. This street is magnificently lit all the way between Central and the Tollway.

4. Village of El Dorado

The Village of El Dorado in McKinney, TX, coordinates their Christmas lights display to bring joy to all people throughout the holiday season. Some streets are lined with decorations around a particular theme such as Christmas songs, cartoon characters, and nativity scenes. The lights are displayed through December 30. You can begin your journey at Carriage Trail.

5. Vitruvian Lights

Vitruvian Park in Addison
Each year, Vitruvian Park hosts Vitruvian Lights, an annual celebration in which more than 550 trees scattered throughout the park are decorated with 1.5 million LED lights. Lights in this sparkling wonderland will remain on every evening from November 18, 2023 to January 1, 2024 from 5–11 PM daily. Visitors are welcome to walk through the park or drive through on surrounding streets. On November 25, the park will host a special performance by Jordan Kahn as well as food trucks and vendors, FREE photos with Santa, holiday characters, and an elf balloon artist.  

Parking is available at the following locations:

Vitruvian Park Ponte Avenue Parking Lot and Alfred J. Loos Sports Complex (3815 Spring Valley Road, Addison, TX 75001) - $15 for special event parking on November 25; additional (free) parking at Bella Lane Parking Lot and Park Road Parking Lot through the season.

For more dazzling Christmas light displays, check out a list here.

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