We Count the Change

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | June 15, 2019

Living in a fast-paced world with so much to do every day makes it easy for us to focus inward on our own lives. Sometimes, focusing on ourselves can make us lose sight of our bigger purpose in life. We were created to be part of a mission that matters and that will change our [...]

Transformation from the Inside Out

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | February 23, 2019

Can people really change? Some of us believe that a leopard can’t change its spots, meaning people are not capable of change no matter how hard they try. But the Bible has a different perspective of change. The Bible tells us that people are capable of change, real character change. If we allow the Holy [...]

Depend on Others

Speaker: Blake Bergstrom, Teaching Pastor | February 9, 2019

We live in a digital world filled with various platforms designed to help us connect with others. But the truth is many of us still feel alone and disconnected. We may have hundreds of friends on social media, but we can’t find real connection. We can’t find authentic relationships in which we can be vulnerable [...]

Follow the Right Guide

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | January 19, 2019

We all have places we want to go and dreams we want to achieve. But when life does not go as planned and we feel stuck and discouraged, how do we continue moving forward on our path? The first step is to find the right guide—someone who can take us to places we could never [...]

Good Is Coming

Speaker: Blake Bergstrom, Teaching Pastor | December 15, 2018

Most of us find it difficult to wait. We don’t like waiting in line at the grocery store. We don’t like waiting in traffic. And we don’t like waiting for our prayers to be answered. Waiting on God can be hard and can make us want to give up on prayer. But if we continually [...]

Our Father

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | December 1, 2018

Although we know about prayer, many of us struggle with how we should pray. Some of us think of prayer as a ritual that can make us feel disconnected from God. Some of us feel intimidated as we try to find the right words to pray. Like us, the disciples wanted to know how to [...]

A Present Problem

Speaker: Eric Torrence, Groups Pastor | November 24, 2018

At this time of year, it’s easy to feel pulled in every direction—there are trips to take, meals to make, people to meet, and obligations to fulfill. All of this running around can make it hard to feel fully present anywhere or with anyone. While there are unique challenges, this season offers each of us [...]

Celebrating 10 Years in Ethiopia

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | November 17, 2018

10 years ago, we began an initiative in Ethiopia to work alongside indigenous leadership to plant churches and to bring holistic ministry to northern Ethiopia. From the beginning, our goal was to create self-sustaining ministries. And now, through God’s grace and the generosity of Chase Oakers, 135 churches have been planted, a school has been [...]

Faith in Action

Speaker: Peter Park, Legacy Campus Pastor | August 12, 2017

Join us this week as we wrap up the “Born to be Wild” series, where we will meet another unexpected hero of the Bible. Because of her faith and trust in God, Rahab took a risk and became an important part of God’s plan for His people. Just like Rahab, God calls us to take [...]

We Count the Change

Speaker: Blake Bergstrom, Teaching Pastor | November 5, 2016

At Chase Oaks we have a mission. Our hope is that we would be given freedom to engage in our culture, in our county, our state and the cities we live in so we will have maximum impact for God with the lives we have been given. Join Blake Bergstrom this weekend as he kicks [...]