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Help families and teachers at our partner schools begin the school year with a win.

Whether you’re picking up a few supplies from our list or filling an entire backpack, every contribution counts. Click below to shop online via our Amazon link, explore our shopping list, or sign up to volunteer!

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Supplies purchased through our Amazon List will ship directly to us. If you purchase items at a local store, you can drop them off at one of our locations by Sunday July 28, 2024

Families will be able to purchase these supplies for pennies on the dollar at our Local Good Center. This allows us to bring

  1. Dignity to parents, who know they are providing for their children.
  2. Confidence to students, who can pick out supplies that fit their personality and style.
  3. Stress relief to teachers, who can get the items they most need for their classrooms.

If all of us participate, we can help show 450 kids and 300 teachers that “we’ve got their backs” and are cheering for them to succeed from the start.



School Supplies

Pencils, markers, erasers, folders, etc. Our list breaks down what kids of different ages will need. Contribute what you can, whether it’s a little or a lot. It all makes a difference!

Shop from our Supplies List, or our Amazon List.


While not required, if you’re able to donate a new backpack, that will fill a huge need! We love giving kids a variety of options to choose from.

You can pick these up at your local store or have them sent to us through our Amazon List.

Teacher Supplies

Many teachers pay for needed classroom and student supplies out of their own pockets. Help teachers get what they need so they're ready when the school year starts.

Find Teachers supply needs at the top of our Supplies List.


Once supplies come in, volunteers are needed to help unload, sort, and organize everything to make sure our participating families and teachers have a great experience. We transform the Local Good Center into a store where families can shop for supplies and teachers can receive what they need. Our volunteers play a pivotal role in making all of this a success! Let us know if you'd like to help out, below.