Chase Oaks Church creates environments where people can come as they are, be transformed, and make a difference through local and global partnerships. As an intern or resident, you will need to agree with our purpose, DNA values, and doctrine. To learn more about what we believe, click on the links below.



The Chase Oaks Residency Program is a two-year intensive leadership program designed to provide real-life ministry experience, personal development, and leadership training for those pursuing vocational ministry. You will be equipped with both the personal and professional tools for a thriving future in ministry. This is a paid residency for two years at 25 hours per week.

The 2020-2021 Residency Program Application is currently closed. Stay tuned for our next application season in 2021!


The Chase Oaks Summer Internship Program will help you grow in your knowledge and understanding of church ministry while participating in the planning and execution of ministry at Chase Oaks. You will experience a fun and exciting church culture that will give you a window into a possible future in vocational ministry. This is a paid internship for 10 weeks at 20 hours per week. The program will begin at the end of May.

The Summer 2020 Internship Program Application is currently closed. Stay tuned for our next application season in 2021!



We serve and develop people and provide clear direction. We serve people with prompt follow-up, care for people, develop people, and empower people.


We work in teams, protect team health, and invest in team development. We all have specific roles on a team. We are thorough in our team member hiring process, making sure that we hire people who resonate with our DNA and culture. We create team plans, protect team unity, and help each other become more effective team members. We also recognize that Chase Oaks is part of a broader team, so we partner with local churches and organizations who are committed to meeting both local and global needs.


We work hard, play hard, and rest well. We plan our work and work our plans (team plans and personal plans). We are intentional about having fun (staff events and team events), and we make sure we stay replenished (weekly day off, DAWG [Day Away with God] days, vacations, and sabbaticals).


We are constantly learning from the past, from other organizations, and from the best practitioners by participating in Passport and LEAD, conducting best practice visits, having monthly development conversations with team leaders, seeking feedback often, networking, partnering, reading, and attending conferences.