Join the Chase Oaks Residency for a two-year adventure in vocational ministry. Immerse yourself in real-life experiences, personal development, and unique leadership training. Discover an enduring passion. And emerge both empowered for change and equipped with a clear sense of purpose and the tools to thrive in ministry. The Chase Oaks Residency is more than a program; it's your launchpad into a thrilling, transformative, and life-changing journey to impact the world with the radical love of Christ. 

Ready to embark on a life-changing adventure in ministry?

Apply for the Chase Oaks Residency and take the next step toward impacting the world with the radical love of Christ.

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Cam Hammond

My experience as a resident was great. I was able to learn and grow in a lot of different areas as well as meet and get to know people from different races and cultures. I recommend this ministry position to anyone who has never done ministry before and is interested in ministry or joining a church’s staff.

Kaitlin Roach

I came into this program with zero expectations and very little confidence in myself as a ministry leader, and never would’ve applied for it if leaders hadn’t given that little push to try something that hadn’t been in my original plan. That’s the attitude of Chase Oaks staff—pushing you to try new things, to be a better version of yourself, and to live the life that God has called for you. Two years later, I am happier, more confident, and living out a mission that I was able to discover through this program.

Ashlyn Stanley

The residency at Chase Oaks was the perfect next step for me in my desire to be in full-time ministry. I learned how to receive and give feedback. The program also helped me find my voice in ministry and I got to step into applying my God-given gifts on a weekly basis. I was challenged but never set up for failure. The residency gave me the ability to be in ministry while having multiple helping hands guiding me in my journey of exploring vocational ministry. I can confidently say the residency prepared me for the job I have now, and I’m so grateful for Chase Oaks and their leadership.

Joanna Williams

For me the residency wasn’t “easy.” It was a challenging time where God continued to show me that he didn’t “need” me in ministry but he desires to use me in ministry. During my Chase Oaks Residency I not only was able to grow professionally, but personally. I was surrounded by so many people who challenged, encouraged, and supported me through all of my successes, trials, and failures. I also believe he prepared me to step into full-time ministry, something I don’t think I would’ve done if it wasn’t for the residency.


If you have more questions, please contact Jeff Jones at [email protected].

Chase Oaks is looking for adults (college graduates or equivalent) who are motivated by a strong vocational call to serve the Church. Residency candidates should demonstrate excellent character, drive, and eagerness to serve and be developed as ministry leaders.

There are a number of ministry areas across our campuses where residents can focus and be developed, including Local Outreach, Groups, Young Professionals, College, Students, Kids, Care, Communications, and our Spanish- and Mandarin-speaking campuses.

Residents raise support for their funding. Chase Oaks has teamed up with Reliant Mission to provide residents with coaching, training, and resources to help in this process. We believe it’s an opportunity to watch God tangibly provide in ways you might not otherwise imagine.

No. However, Chase Oaks has arranged for apartments near our main campus to offer reduced rent for residents.

We ask residents to refrain from seeking additional employment. The residency is a full-time endeavor, and as such, we expect residents to commit all their working hours to the program. We do create some margin for those pursuing graduate-level studies to continue their education.

Applicants are invited to apply between January and early March. Candidates who are invited to interview will do so in March, and all hiring decisions will be completed by early April. Our residents begin their 2-year residency at the beginning of August.