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Meet Our Central Staff

Our Central Staff

Senior Leadership

Jeff Jones

Senior Pastor

Jack Warren

Executive Pastor

Glen Brechner

Executive Director

Gene Getz

Pastor Emeritus

Lynn French

Executive Administrative Assistant


Jan Sampeck

Weekend Experience Pastor

Chris Opie

Central Worship Pastor

Tyrone Johnson

Central Music Pastor

Ariel Talitha

Worship Leader

Dain Ussery

Worship Leader

Eric Jones

Worship Leader

Brie Magee

Worship Leader

Hannah Lee

Worship Resident

Cameron Hammond

Worship Resident

Carol Ridgeway

Worship Admin Assistant

Craig Hooker

Campus Program Director

Dan Winters

Campus Program Director

Helen Tesema

Campus Program Director

Josh Brown

Campus Program Director

Elizabeth Silence

Campus Program Director

Susana Serralde

Campus Program Director

Thad Hutcheson

Campus Program Director

Jason Conklin

Campus Program Director

External Ministry

John Stanley

External Ministries Pastor

Jianbo Guo

Chinese Ministry Pastor

Camille Fu

Chinese Ministry Development Director

Rosie Perez

Central Ministry Admin

Local Good

Julissa Estrada

Local Good Director

Simret Ingram

Education Director

Kenny Brown

Pivot Director

Reggie Nious

Advocacy Director

Merideth White

Health and Nutrition Director

Rachel Corbitt

Project Manager & System Development Workstream

Pastoral Care

Matt Johnston

Pastor of Pastoral Care

Ly Tran

Pastor of Counseling

Shanda Gunter

Care Director


Eric Torrence

Central Ministry Groups Pastor

Lori Eubanks

Central Women's Groups Pastor

Lori Thompson

Groups Admin Assistant

Jason Lee

Groups Resident

Joanna Teese

Young Adult Resident

Victor Peña

College Resident


David Monroe

Next Gen Pastor

Amber Coughlin

KidzKlub Director

Meagan Middlebrooks

Childcare Coordinator

Katrina Ball

Childcare Coordinator


Greg Holmes

Communications Pastor

Ed Clark

Creative Director

Yenipher Chung

Communications Project Director

Jeff Davis

Digital Media Director

Kelsey Kruzich

Communications Admin

Sam Shin

Video Producer

Joanna Jayakaran

Graphic and Digital Media Designer

Darby DeBusk

Social Media Manager


Joe Nall

IT Director

Human Resources

Sally McPherson

HR Director

Anita Battista


Lilly Spruill


Facilities & Safety

Jim Hooker

Director of Security

Terry Butler

Facilities Director

Melvin Torres

Assistant Facilities Director

Joe Santos

Assistant Facilities Director

Jessica Perez

Support Team Admin

Production Technology

Paul Mitchell

Production Technology Director

Jeremy Shaw

Production Development Director

Michael Spangler

Production Equipment Director

Finance & Database

Ginny Stanley

Finance Director

Polly Robertson


Louann Jenson

Financial Coordinator

Amy White

Financial Coordinator

Melanie Swartz

IT / Database