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Christianity in America is at an inflection point.

In the US, the Christian brand is losing relevance and influence. A key reason is that Christians, who represent the brand to the world, fail to display what Jesus wants us to be known for: radical love. The next 5-10 years will either deepen the decline or witness a movement to become more of who Jesus called us to be.
We want to spark a movement. To help chart a path forward, Chase Oaks Lead Pastor Jeff Jones wrote a book called “Rebranding Christianity.” Download a free chapter to discover more about this important conversation and how you can join in.

“The solution to the challenges facing the Christian brand does not involve being less of who Jesus called us to be, but much more.”

—Jeff Jones, Rebranding Christianity

The Rebranding Christianity Podcast

Hear from authors Jeff Jones, Mike Hogan, and others as they explore how to reclaim and share Jesus’ brand identifier of radical love with the watching world.

Rebranding Christianity Podcast Recording

Sermon Messages

The Jesus Brand

What does the word “Christianity” bring to mind in today’s culture? And is it anything close to what Jesus wanted his followers to be known for? Don’t miss the start of our new series Rebranding Christianity as we explore what an authentic expression of the Jesus brand should look like.

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Mission Drift

What is one of the worst parts about drifting from our given calling? Most of the time, we don’t even realize it’s happening. Join us for the next talk in our series Rebranding Christianity to learn how to stay focused on Jesus’ mission against the common currents that pull us off-course.

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A New Community

God’s plan to help people understand his outrageous love is unlike anything the world has seen before. And we’re a key part of it. Don’t miss the next talk in our series Rebranding Christianity as we explore what it will take to fulfill Jesus’ vision for a radical, new type of community in our day.

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Be the Brand

What’s the best way to transform a brand’s reputation? To have its reality consistently exceed expectations, in the best ways imaginable. Don’t miss the latest message in our series Rebranding Christianity as we talk about three key areas in which Jesus’ followers can live out his brand in our world today.

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Navigating Tension

Jesus’ brand is one of radical love. But is loving someone the same as agreeing with everything they do, especially when it doesn’t align with God’s truth? Join us for the last talk in our series Rebranding Christianity as we explore the tensions found in loving others the way Jesus loves.

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