Becoming more of who Jesus calls us to be.

When you think of a brand, whether it’s a restaurant, product, or even a person, there are things that come to mind. A brand identifier. Jesus told us that when people are to think of us, his followers, there is something he wants us to be known for: radical love. Unfortunately, love isn’t what Christians are known for today. A course correction is needed.
Join us for this important sermon series, where we’ll talk about how to recapture our brand identity and mission—as a movement of radical love—so that we can once again be an irresistible force for good. To continue the conversation, we’re encouraging everyone to join a group for this five-week series.

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Christianity in America is at an inflection point. The next 5-10 years will either worsen the decline or witness a movement to become who Jesus called us to be.

We want to spark that movement. To help chart a path forward, Jeff wrote a book called “Rebranding Christianity” which will release on September 19. Pre-order the book or find out more about the Rebranding Christianity movement below.

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The Rebranding Christianity Podcast

Hear from authors Jeff Jones, Mike Hogan, and others as they explore how to reclaim and share Jesus’ brand identifier of radical love with the watching world.

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