Irreligious Jesus

Speaker: Greg Holmes, Communications Pastor | October 12, 2019

For some of us, religion is easier when we have a checklist of rules to follow and tasks to complete. For others of us, religion is easier when we throw out the checklist and create our own truths. As we learn more about Jesus, we learn that His invitation to us is not “follow the [...]

Party Jesus

Speaker: Peter Park, Legacy Campus Pastor | October 5, 2019

Most of us have an opinion about Jesus. Some think of him as the divine Son of God. Some think of him as a good man or a prophet. The truth is Jesus was both—divine and human. And to experience Jesus in an authentic way, it is important to understand his humanity and how he [...]

One Resolution to Your Best Year Ever

Speaker: Ryan Leak, Guest Speaker | January 5, 2019

Most of us look at the New Year as a new beginning. We make resolutions to lose weight, spend more time with our families, save more, and pursue our dreams. But by February, most of us have forgotten about our resolutions as we get caught up in the busyness of life. But there is one [...]

How to Pray Like Jesus

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | December 8, 2018

During the holiday season, a man in a big red suit appears at the mall and in the movies. Children write letters with their Christmas lists to him. Oftentimes, we think of praying as if we’re writing letters to Santa Claus, where we ask for everything we want. But prayer is more than our Christmas [...]

Our Father

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | December 1, 2018

Although we know about prayer, many of us struggle with how we should pray. Some of us think of prayer as a ritual that can make us feel disconnected from God. Some of us feel intimidated as we try to find the right words to pray. Like us, the disciples wanted to know how to [...]