Let’s Hear It for the Dads

Speaker: Dr. Tim Kimmel, Guest Speaker | June 20, 2020

In our culture, it seems like moms get all the credit and love when it comes to raising kids. But dads also play a life-impacting role that shapes how their kids see themselves and the world. Check out this special Father's Day message from Parenting Expert Dr. Tim Kimmel.

Empowering the Next Generation

Speaker: Ryan Leak, Guest Speaker | September 21, 2019

Many of us feel exhausted as we try to raise and empower the next generation. We put so much pressure on ourselves to help the children in our lives make the right choices. But there is a resource that can take the pressure off parenting and mentoring and help us build a strong foundation for [...]

Intentional Investments in the Next Generation

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | September 14, 2019

Parenting is tough. And there is a lot of pressure to be the perfect parent and raise the perfect kids. But the good news is parents are not alone. We are all responsible for taking the time to make intentional investments in the next generation. Whether you are a parent, an aunt, a teacher, or [...]

Parenting Goals

Speaker: Dan Martin, Sloan Creek Campus Pastor | September 7, 2019

Parenting is tough and demanding, but it is also rewarding. Whether we are struggling with the temper tantrums of a toddler or the rebellion of a teenager, there are practical ways we can parent our children with grace and love that will meet their inner needs and prepare them for the world beyond our homes. [...]

Mission: Train Up a Child

Speaker: Blake Bergstrom, Teaching Pastor | September 15, 2018

When asked about parenting, most parents will talk about the sleepless nights, the inability to have alone time, and the temper tantrums. But parenting is much more than surviving the different seasons. Parenting is about making sacrifices. Parenting is about leading by example. Parenting is our mission field. And once we choose to lead our [...]

Mission: Training Up a Child

Group Study

Start Up Parents are, by definition, wayfinders—they help train, guide, discipline, and prepare their children to go out and make something of themselves. But raising children can be really, really hard! All of us, whether we are parents, planning to be parents, or don’t plan to have children of our own, are called to impact [...]

Dysfunctional Families R-Us

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | May 13, 2017

Many of us today feel the pressure to be perfect – perfect parents, perfect kids to our parents, perfect at work, home, or in life. But, the reality is, none of us is perfect – and none of us grew up in a perfect home environment. Which means, we all have grown up around dysfunction [...]

Intentional Baton Pass

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | January 23, 2016

Are you influencing the next generation? Is there a child in your life that looks to you for direction? Are you worried about what the responsibility entails and how you can “do your best” at this job? Join Jeff Jones this weekend as he steps into Week Three of the series “Simplify.” It’s about making [...]