After You Say, “I Do”

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | September 1, 2019

After you say, “I do,” you go on an adventure of a lifetime to start your happily ever after. And sometimes, it isn’t quite what you expected. But if you make the choice to follow through with the promise of “I do,” marriage can be a beautiful gift that brings so much joy and love. [...]

Before You Say, “I Do”

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | August 25, 2019

Commitment. Marriage. “I do.” These are scary words for a lot of us. They might bring up the pain of past failed relationships or our parents’ failed marriages. Marriage may seem like a big risk, but God designed it to be a big gift. To fully experience this gift, there are a few steps we [...]

Why Does God Make People Gay and Then Say You Can’t Be That Way?

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | June 2, 2019

In recent years, the conversation around sexual orientation has become highly sensitive in our culture and in the church. No matter what side of the issue we are on, it is important to understand what the Bible says about sexuality. As many of us grapple with reconciling our faith and our sexuality, we might wonder, [...]

Let’s Talk About Sex

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | September 23, 2018

Most of us learned about sex from our parents or our friends. No matter where we first learned about it, one thing is for certain: our culture has influenced our thinking about sex. Our culture has a casual view of sex and insists that we should do what makes us happy or what feels good. [...]

Good Conflict

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | September 9, 2018

Oftentimes, we avoid conflict because it can be difficult and scary. We see conflict as a sign of weakness in our relationships. However, we cannot avoid it, and it is not a sign of weakness. Conflict can actually be a good thing. Resolving conflict in a healthy way can help us build meaningful relationships that [...]

Going Deep

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | September 2, 2018

We learn to communicate at an early age. Small children communicate their feelings and needs to their parents. Parents respond to their children, and a special bond is created. Communication seems simple. But as we get older, communication gets increasingly difficult. Sharing our deepest feelings and needs make us feel vulnerable. The fear of going [...]

The Gift: Singleness and Marriage

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | August 26, 2018

Oftentimes, it feels like marriage is an expectation society has for each of us—as if marriage will make our lives complete. What happens when marriage doesn’t come quickly for us? When we are still single in our 30s and 40s? When everyone is getting married except for us? We become discouraged when we have to [...]

The Difficult Beauty of Marriage

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | August 19, 2018

Whether you are single, married, or divorced, understanding marriage is important because it helps us make every significant relationship in our life better. Growing up, most of us have some type of understanding of marriage from fairy tales, movies, and our parents. Oftentimes, our limited understanding can lead to dissatisfaction and disappointment later in life. [...]


Speaker: Ryan Leak, Guest Speaker | October 22, 2017

In our individualistic culture, we tend to elevate ourselves, making relationships difficult. Oftentimes, we have high expectations for our significant others that we cannot meet. When we face challenging times, we point the finger at one another and expect the other person to make the first move towards change or apologizing. But Peter reveals how [...]