Trust in God’s Promises

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | February 9, 2018

Are you facing a crisis right now—a financial crisis, a relationship crisis, or an identity crisis? Oftentimes, crises take us by surprise. Life is going smoothly when, suddenly, a crisis storms our life, tearing apart our lives and our security. Rather than letting storms defeat him, Paul stayed grounded in his faith and learned to [...]

Listen to God’s Calling

Speaker: Blake Bergstrom, Teaching Pastor | February 4, 2018

Growing up, we spend a lot of time thinking of what we want to be. We come up with our own definition of success—something we spend our lives trying to attain. But what if we looked beyond ourselves to find success and fulfillment? What if we spent our lives using our divine gifts to help [...]

Align with God’s Purpose

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | January 28, 2018

Sometimes, when we are on God’s path, life can get confusing. We feel like we are making the right decisions, but we lack clarity. When the unexpected happens, we start questioning whether we are on the right path. Just like us, Paul faced confusion as he was on a path to Jerusalem, a dangerous path [...]

Seek God’s Wisdom

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | January 21, 2018

Are you at a crossroads and unsure of which path to take? Are you in the middle of a crisis and struggling with making the right decision? We all struggle with making important decisions. But we do not have to look too far to find guidance through these moments—we can look to God. Join us [...]

Walk on God’s Path

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | January 14, 2018

Decisions, decisions, decisions. We make decisions every day, and when it comes to the big decisions, we often wonder, “What choice do I make?” We tend to focus more on individual decisions rather than on the path we are taking. In the Old Testament, King Saul learned about the devastating consequences when we fail to [...]