Live to Give

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | February 16, 2019

In a consumption-driven culture, it is easy to get caught up in planning our finances around our next big purchase like a brand-new car or a kitchen renovation. But what if we planned our finances around generosity? Rather than making a list of what we want, what if we made a list of what others [...]

Depend on Others

Speaker: Blake Bergstrom, Teaching Pastor | February 9, 2019

We live in a digital world filled with various platforms designed to help us connect with others. But the truth is many of us still feel alone and disconnected. We may have hundreds of friends on social media, but we can’t find real connection. We can’t find authentic relationships in which we can be vulnerable [...]

Work for Resolution

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | February 2, 2019

All of us have experienced some type of hurt or betrayal. Some of us have experienced pain in the past, and some of us are experiencing it right now. When our pain becomes too much to handle, we try to ignore it or run from it. But refusing to work through the hurt and pain [...]

Powered by Purpose

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | January 26, 2019

Growing up, our parents might have told us that we can be anything we want. While this sounds encouraging, the truth is we are uniquely designed with gifts and abilities for a specific purpose. If we take the time to discover our gifts and our calling, we can find our happy place and make a [...]

Follow the Right Guide

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | January 19, 2019

We all have places we want to go and dreams we want to achieve. But when life does not go as planned and we feel stuck and discouraged, how do we continue moving forward on our path? The first step is to find the right guide—someone who can take us to places we could never [...]

Take the Initiative

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | January 12, 2019

For some of us, happiness is getting a promotion, marrying the right one, starting a family, or having the biggest house in the neighborhood. While these can be good things, they can also keep us from experiencing true happiness. What happens when our company shuts down, when the right one disappoints us, or when our [...]