When We Blow It

Speaker: Greg Holmes, Communications Pastor | June 13, 2020

In our lives, there will be times when we blow it, and everything seems to fall apart. We might get stuck in our shame, unable to move forward. But no matter how much we mess up, there is a way we can come out stronger on the other side.

Love Plays Defense

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | May 30, 2020

Love isn’t just about doing nice things for others, but it’s about choosing to not do things that can damage our relationships. When others hurt us and offend us, we’re called to respond with a love that reflects God’s love for us.

Finding God’s Strength

Speaker: Ryan Leak, Teaching Pastor | May 2, 2020

When life gets turned upside down, we might try to solve our problems on our own or turn to food, shopping, or an addiction for comfort and strength. But those places never take us where we want to go. The best thing we can do is turn to a willing and able God who can [...]

Failure Isn’t Final

Speaker: Michael Yeilding, Richardson Campus Pastor | November 30, 2019

Failure isn’t final even though it might feel like it. When we fail others, ourselves, or God, we may feel inadequate, hopeless, and lost. We might not know who to turn to or what to do next. Rather than giving up, the Bible encourages us to bring our failures to the One who wants to [...]

Human Jesus

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | September 28, 2019

Most of us have an opinion about Jesus. Some think of him as the divine Son of God. Some think of him as a good man or a prophet. The truth is Jesus was both—divine and human. And to experience Jesus in an authentic way, it is important to understand his humanity and how he [...]

Parenting Goals

Speaker: Dan Martin, Sloan Creek Campus Pastor | September 7, 2019

Parenting is tough and demanding, but it is also rewarding. Whether we are struggling with the temper tantrums of a toddler or the rebellion of a teenager, there are practical ways we can parent our children with grace and love that will meet their inner needs and prepare them for the world beyond our homes. [...]

This Is Not Our Party

Speaker: Blake Bergstrom, Teaching Pastor | June 8, 2019

It can be overwhelming and confusing when we step into a church for the first time. We might wonder if we are wearing the right clothes, if someone will be there to guide us, or if we will fit in. At Chase Oaks, we want to make church easy by creating an environment that is [...]

Unexpected Welcome

Speaker: Blake Bergstrom, Teaching Pastor | May 4, 2019

We all know what it’s like to feel rejected—unwanted, unloved, and unwelcome. These feelings can destroy our confidence and force us into isolation. But we were not created to be alone; we were created to be loved. So, Jesus came to love and open His arms to everyone. And He calls us to love and [...]

The Unexpected

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | April 20, 2019

Love is a powerful force that can change our world. But it is rare to find in our divided culture. So, when we experience love, we should share it with others. Join us this Easter and be inspired by the most powerful act of love that showed up in the most unexpected way.

Encountering Grace

Speaker: Jeremy LeBlanc, Legacy Campus Student Ministry Pastor | December 29, 2018

As the year comes to an end, many of us reflect on our past and make plans for our future. We set goals for the upcoming year. We mark special occasions and vacations on our calendars. But what if we stopped reflecting and planning for just a moment? What if we let ourselves focus on [...]