The Deceptions of Wealth

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | November 23, 2019

In a consumption-driven culture, it can be hard to feel wealthy because we tend to focus on our long lists of wants. We might want a new car, a bigger house, or the latest technological gadget. But no matter how hard we try, we will not find joy in consumption. To live meaningful lives filled [...]

Blessings Can Be a Curse

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | April 6, 2019

When someone has money and nice things, we think they are blessed. As Christ-followers, we think our wealth is a sign that God approves of the way we live. But our wealth can distract us from what really matters and cause us to focus on ourselves. The Bible warns us that our blessings can be [...]

Live to Give

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | February 16, 2019

In a consumption-driven culture, it is easy to get caught up in planning our finances around our next big purchase like a brand-new car or a kitchen renovation. But what if we planned our finances around generosity? Rather than making a list of what we want, what if we made a list of what others [...]

Generosity Boost

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | June 16, 2018

In our consumer-driven culture, we are surrounded by messages that encourage us to spend our money on expensive goods to make us happy. But as we take a closer look at our culture, we find money does not always bring happiness. Rather, we can find true happiness and joy in a generosity-driven lifestyle. How many [...]

Financial Margin

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | September 9, 2017

Our finances can be one of the messiest areas of our lives as we try to keep up with our consumer-driven culture. We spend more than we make to live in the nicest neighborhoods, drive the newest cars, and use the newest device. Our spending causes more anxiety and stress, leaving less time and energy [...]

We Glow in the Dark

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | November 12, 2016

In crazy times how do you respond? Do you seek escape? Do you choose to ignore? Or do you rise to the occasion and shine? Join Jeff Jones this weekend for Week Two of the series called, “WE TOO.” It's about what makes this church unique... our vision... our mission... our DNA. Let's explore just [...]

The Joy of Generosity

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | February 13, 2016

Do you need a new TV? Is your phone’s first birthday a sign you should “switch it out”? Have you ever thought to yourself “if they can afford a new car, surely I can too”? Does it feel like you are living in a consumption-driven culture and in constant need of keeping up? Join Jeff [...]