Easter at Chase Oaks

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | April 11, 2020

Our culture seems to be all about "more": more experiences, more stuff, do more, be more, have more. God also wants more for us but in a very different way. The reality of Easter proves that God offers us more of the things that really matter like love, hope, and purpose. Join us this Easter [...]

The Unexpected

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | April 20, 2019

Love is a powerful force that can change our world. But it is rare to find in our divided culture. So, when we experience love, we should share it with others. Join us this Easter and be inspired by the most powerful act of love that showed up in the most unexpected way.

Believe Again

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | March 31, 2018

Have you felt disappointed or lost hope after something did not turn out as you expected? Have you experienced doubt that caused you to question your faith? The truth is we have all experienced these feelings. After His crucifixion, Jesus’ followers faced disillusionment and doubt. Rather than leaving them to face these feelings alone, Jesus [...]

Easter 2017

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | April 15, 2017

You’re invited to celebrate Easter with us as a we kickoff a brand new series Easter Weekend, called “Beautiful Mess.” We’ve all made messes and have messes in our life. And when we make a mess, we instinctively want to clean it up or hide it…we’re ashamed of it. And it might even feel that [...]

Ever Unfolding

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | March 26, 2016

When it comes to the resurrection, are you a little skeptical? Maybe you are a Christ-follower but willing to admit you don’t fully understand what went on. Or maybe you're still kicking the tires of Christianity and trying to figure it all out. Join Jeff Jones for a special Easter message entitled, “Ever Unfolding.” It’s [...]