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Mental Health Resources


Real life is filled with ups and downs. At Chase Oaks, we’re here for all of it. That’s why we created this series of completely free emails—to embrace mental health conversations and share great resources.

There is no shame in having problems—in fact it’s a natural part of development. Facing our pain (through therapy and support from others) and sharing it is the answer to being set free from it.” —Chris H.

What’s in the emails?

Practical Tips from a Licensed Therapist

Chase Oaks partners with Watershed Initiative and its founder Ly Tran, an LPC who is passionate about getting great mental health resources into the community. In these emails, we’ll share some of Watershed’s best tools to help you take steps forward.

Helpful Articles and Books

The emails will also include meaningful articles and suggested resources to help you better understand and manage anxiety, boundaries, self-care, and depression.